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If there is global warming, how is Europe freezing then?

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    Good question! The facts are the earth's surface temperature has been stable or cooling since 1997.

    Many scientists believe this cold winter is going to be a pattern as the sun seems to be entering a period of lower than normal activity thus less heat for the earth and also colder winters (and cooler summers). Google "Dalton Minimum" sometime.

    This is what will defeat the global warming hoaxers -- actual cold temperatures. Their words will soon be shown for what they are. (<:

    Fuente(s): Google: "Dalton Minimum" or "Maulder Minimium" and read.
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    There is a warm current in the Atlantic that warms Europe. It has long been predicted that as the arctic ice melts and adds fresh water to the north atlantic that the current, acting like a conveyor belt, will be disrupted. The warm currents will no longer warm Europe and it will suffer cold spells like this one. So, when considering global warming, think temperature extremes.

    Fuente(s): Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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    Not only Europe but also North Hemisphere.

    That was called polar fluctuation.

    The long not weather have made the Southern part of North Hemisphere much hotter than the Northern part before the freezing. Also the ocean current in Southern part is hotter. These created the low pressure zone in the South whereas the north is in much higher pressure. Then the high pressure cause water into snow and CO2 into dry snow. The low pressure zone suck those very cold air and snow into south. So the North Hemisphere are mostly covered with ice and snow.

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    What you're experiencing is a weather event caused by high pressure over the Arctic. These systems become established from time to time, they're stubborn and can persist for several weeks, this one looks likely to be around for another 10 to 14 days.

    This particular event is cyclical in natures, it's the 15th occurrence in the weather record and it's also the least severe. On this occasion average temperatures have dropped by a little over 1½°C, usually they drop by about twice this amount so we've got off quite lightly*. In the most recent of these cycles in 1946-47, 1962-63, 1978-79 and 1995-96 events temperatures were considerably colder than they are now and most parts also had a lot more snow.

    * We've got off lightly so far, it's possible temperatures will drop further. Tonight looks like being the coldest night across the affected region as a whole - that's not to say that tonight will see record cold spells everywhere just that the overall average will be low.

    Bear with it for a couple more weeks and it should be over.

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    According to the Warmers, colder temperatures are an abnormality, warmer temperatures are proof.

    Every above average temp proves their argument, below average is just a fluke that lulls you into a sense of security.

    How about all the Monster Hurricanes we had this year?

    Well, maybe next year we'll have a big Hurricane and they can prove Global Warming.

    Of course, less Hurricanes would actually mean that there is less difference in Surface temperatures and Atmospheric temperatures, but they have chosen the opposite approach, choosing the scare factor instead.

    Fuente(s): Hurricanes are generated by warm air quickly rising into cold air.
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    The Met Office says:

    "over the past three weeks the Atlantic air has been ‘blocked’ and cold air has been flowing down from the Arctic or the cold winter landmass of Europe."

    "However, it is not cold everywhere in the world. North-east America, Canada, North Africa, the Mediterranean, and south-west Asia have all seen temperatures above normal – in many places by more than 5 °C, and in parts of northern Canada, by more than 10 °C."

    "The current cold weather in the UK is part of the normal regional variations that take place in the winter season. It doesn’t tell us anything about climate change, which has to be looked at in a global context and over longer periods of time."

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    Take a look at the other 264 times somebody has asked this question today. There are good, complete answers. And yes, the answer is that it is that it is warmer elsewhere. Dr Roy Spencer at UAH keeps a database of temperatures of the whole atmosphere on a daily basis measured by satellite, he's someone skeptical of rate of predicted warming but his own research is showing that the first 7 days of this year are warming than ever the very warm 2007. I know it's hard to believe that the world is warming than the same date as last year -- or any year -- but it is true. Europe and much of the US is freezing because air has moved out of the arctic, but the air that replaced it in the arctic is warmer. You are just experiencing air and heat moving within the system, not any loss of heat in the whole system. All the research is showing rather rapid warming worldwide since mid-2009 though much of the world's population is suffering unusually cold weather.

    Fuente(s): Daily global temperature http://discover.itsc.uah.edu/amsutemps/
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    The sun shines on the center of the earth and the rays of the sun does not hit most of Europe's.. Countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Philippines and other are on the center of the earth near the equator. If a country is near the equator it doesn't have snow. Europe is way far from the equator so it keeps freezing.. Someday Europe will stop freezing when the whole world is warm and the ice in the Antartic and artic regions melts..

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    global warming = average temperature rises.

    The average temperature is rising. The hot summers are countering the cold winters, with the summer winning.

    Look at Vancouver, 10 degrees!

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    Yes there is Climate Change... and it happens to the extreme... during winter it is too much cold and too much snow... and during summer we can experience the very high temperature that it can even cause wild fires... About Global Warming... you cannot experience it during winter.

    Fuente(s): Environmental Science Class...
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