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My PC crashed,got no back up CD. Y I can't to restore it to an early point with Compaq System recovery tool?

Hi, I got a Compaq Presario PC with AMD 64 Athlon running with windows XP. I got no back up CDs… (Yeah, I know I’ve been Naughty), the problem is that I ran a Windows Automatic Update and it requested a restart after completed, the computer turned off but it didn’t restart, instead, it went to the black background white letter page. So, I tried to start it on Save Mode, but it didn’t worked, it just showed a long list of program commands that I didn’t understood. Then, I F10ed it, to get a PC recovery with Compaq system recovery tool to restore it to the settings It got a day prior this disaster, but when I tried that, the program didn’t let me to restore it to an early point, instead, it let me to restore it to factory settings and I did it. Then I installed the internet router antenna, Microsoft Office 2007 and Norton Internet Security 2009 to perform a scan of all files, hoping that it would restore my Word documents. Surprisingly I didn’t work. I just need to recover a couple of way important word documents, or better, to restore my settings to the day before yesterday. Any help will be welcome. THX.

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    Sorry for the bad news, but your documents are gone. Factory fresh means just that. It needs to be complete in case the reason you need to restore is in one of the documents you want back.

    This is a good time to think of a backup scheme for the future. Now that you have installed your programs, make an image of your system as it is now update it when you have important changes or documents. Acronis True Image or Ghost is good if you have a DVD burner.

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    You Could try some file recovery programs just look for some of

    While formating my computer before my external hard drive was pluged in and it wiped it clean, i looked on how to recover the files, i recovered some archives like music videos and photos.

    Give it a try hope it works out for you.

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