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looking to buy jeep liberty anybody out there own one how is it looking at used 07 or 08?

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    I had a 2002 Liberty that went 68,000 miles with not one problem. I didn't like the tires once they had 30,000 miles. They were no longer very good on wet roads and on snow they no longer would steer the vehicle.

    I now have a 2005 Liberty. Both of them were the limited version but the model will not effect the reliability. Both of mine had power windows, seats, and locks. The seats had heaters in them and NOTHING broke or quit working. My current Liberty has 72,000 miles. It is the diesel version and it did have a recall for a torque converter but that will not be an issue for any Liberty newer than 2006.

    I have such confidence in my Liberty, I would be willing to hop in today and head clear across the USA.

    I have not driven the 07 or 08 models but what I know of mine tells me they are reliable.

    But you might want to get some better aftermarket tires.

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