I can control it by thinking them as I close my eye in a dark room. I can even able to control one small group of light green spots

glowing in the middle of my imagination view from very small into three times bigger. A view looks like a green dot galaxy. This view is generated from my brain.

I never have gold spot in my imagination view. Mostly are green and red spots mixing together side by side starting move from right to left. They were more colorful at the time while I was 10 years old. Less colorful as my age glows older. Blue spots never shown in my view. Last night I tried to imaginate it before sleep and after woke up. This view is located at the center of my forehead. A small green spots that I can control is at the center of center. The un-controllable back ground is those green and red spots moving very quickly then disappear. The back ground moving image changed occasionally beyond my controlled. Like today I saw different lighting behind groups of cloud moving toward me. It looks like I was travelled in a space ship passing through a mirage turbulance (simular like the view of movie Star Trek II ).

Addition note 2:

I discussed this phenomenon with my wife and small daughter.

My wife said she never have such experience. But my daughter said she has this experience. She saw the spots in purple and red ,but never in blue. She could make it happen by imaginate it before fall into sleep.



Please tell your experience in details if it happened to you . I knew this is not a sickness and not all people can see(imagine) it. I just want to know what other person saw.

Actualización 2:

Last night 12-29,before fell into sleep. I tried this trick again by focus my mind. This time,the back ground of my uncontrollable view showing lots of shooting stars in different direction. White white color like fire work, then I feel into sleep.

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  • hace 1 década
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    I believe the more you concentrate on this, the more noticable it will become. I think it has something to do with like a trick of the eyes while staring into darkness. Try meditating instead of staring at the little dots. Good luck!

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  • Kiran
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    hace 5 años

    I know what you are talking about sir. I dee this to at night before going to sleep. It increases more and more when I rub my eyes and then look forward. It is like a bunch of purple dots scattering across my eyes. Sometimes it is like having a firework slide show. Hope this is an answer you are looking for.

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 década

    I think that's normal it happens to me sometimes..

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