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Do you like the beaches of México? Have you been at the Riviera Maya?

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    The beaches are generally very good. As you probably know, there is a problem with beach erosion worldwide. Hurricane Wilma (a category 5 hurricane) in 2005 really pounded the beaches and eroded sand in some of the areas. But, the good news is that a beach restoration project is underway right now in Cancun and moving south through Playa. I posted a link to There are several locals that report on the progress regularly. You will have great beaches in the Riviera Maya this year!!

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    I believe it depends what area of Riviera Maya you stay and at what resorts. I can tell you I was just in Riviera Maya in April and the strip of about 15 hotels in Playa Del Carmen has huge ton sandbags in the water to protect against the erosion someone mentioned earlier from hurricane Wilma. The sand is beautiful and the resorts are great, but it's kind of an eye sore looking out and seeing these huge sandbags in the water and up onto the beach. Also, don't expect to be able to take a nice relaxing stroll along the beach in this area since resorts are all next to each other. I've been told though that down south further towards Tulum the beaches are gorgeous and also some stretches north of the town of Playa del Carmen.

    If you'd like a personal recommendation on booking a vacation to Riviera Maya, I recommend going with an All-Inclusive package in this area (as most resorts are All-Inclusive). You can save quite a bit of money booking your hotel and air together, and also make sure your transfers from the airport to hotel are included too. I would take a look at We got a really nice deal with a rebate they still have and the trip was absolutely awesome. We already booked another trip to the El Dorado Maroma for Dec (and I've been told that beach in Riviera Maya is gorgeous)

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  • I LOVE the beaches in Mexico, especially the Riviera Maya! Are you looking for a place to stay? Check out Secrets Capri, you will not be disappointed. It is a gorgeous resort, located on a sandy white beach. Everyone who works there is so nice, they truly go out of their way to make sure you are having an amazing vacation.

    You may also want to check out Secrets Maroma Beach. It is located on the world famous Maroma Beach. Hope this helps!

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    I believe they are some of the best beaches in the world and I have been on many coasts.

    The sand is pure white, its like walking on confectioners sugar. Because it is so white

    the sun reflects off it and it is always cool. There is very little seaweed and its clean, no trash.

    The sea is a thousand shades of blue, incredibly clear, if on a boat you look down and

    it seems you can see for miles. Snorkeling is amazing, try Garraffon Park on Isla Mujeres

    a small fishing island just north of Cancun. There is also a great park in Cozumel but i forget

    the name. Closer is that Xcaret, haven`t been but looked like fun.

    If you love spending time beaching you can`t ask for better. In fact i`m actually looking into

    moving down there. Compared to Puerto Vallarta on the west side of Mexico where the sand

    and sea are dirty, this is truly paradise. You`ll love it.

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  • hace 1 década

    See the beaches by plane.

    SCENIC AIR TOUR Cancun Isla Mujeres & Contoy*IjChQ

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