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tattoo healing and retouching?????

how long does it take for a tattoo to heal completely, my artist said it can take about 3-4 weeks, he is out of town now so i needed some answers to some questions.

i have my tattoo on my chest and well its an area that is really used often, so there is like a tiny little spot where it looks faded, so i think i need a retouch but until when can this be done?

also, how long until you can shave over a tattoo?

please answer if you have knowledge or experience in the subject thanks :)

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    it will take 3 to 4 weeks to completely heal what kind of thing do you do to use your chest for often

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    The way I see it, you should not do anything until the itching and flaking/peeling has stopped completely. This will ensure that nothing gets messed up further if you already have a faded spot. This is fairly typical that a spot may be missed or a scab gets pulled of....even on accident. If you shave your chest while the tattoo is still flaking, you run the risk of taking more off. Retouching should be free, but only with your artist. So you should wait until he gets back to do anything.

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    I think healing time can depend on aftercare. The place i get my tattoos done sells little tubs of aftercare cream for £1 when you get a tattoo, and they give you a slip with aftercare instructions too. Both of my tattoos healed in about 2 weeks each.

    I'd say go get it retouched as soon as healing is done. Same goes for shaving.

    Wait till there's no more itching/peeling/scabbing of any kind.

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    i ended up having to get mine touched up too. i waited about a month cuz my artist said to wait til all the scabs were done coming off and it didnt hurt at all anymore.

    if u go back to the same person when they come back to town they should tell you if they can touch it up or not. either that or just going back to th shop in general. anyone working in the shop should b able to help tell u if u can or not. but i would def have the original guy do the touch-up. nobody else.

    touch ups are common if u have pale skin and a dark tattoo (im like 100% pale white and i had a solid black tattoo. i went for 2 touchups!) or if u peel the scabs off or expose it to UV rays.

    i wouldnt shave over it til the scabs are gone cuz u def dont wanna rip those off, or youll risk even more touching-up.

    good luck!

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    3-4 weeks is about right, it might even be quicker than that. you wont be able to get it touched up til its completely healed. same goes with shaving. wait til its completely healed. use a white, dye and fragrance free lotion on the area multiple times a day to keep it moisturized.

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