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Chest tattoo??? any cool ideas?

i want to get the letters live love burn die in my chest, ima guy, but i want them to look cool not just the plain words..any ideas?

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    i think elegant script looks best, scrawled across your chest or as a "necklace". or you could put it in a banner, and have some sort of image to go with it.

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    i think old english always looks hot as a tattoo, especially on a guy.

    you could have the tattoo artist draw a design that goes across the letters (like, leave the letters just as outline and then have the artist draw something in them that goes across all of them).

    try to think about the things you like, or important things in your life. that will probably help you come up with a good idea of what other design to incorporate into the tattoo.

    usually the artists have some pretty good ideas, too, if you discuss with them beforehand.

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    Dude, if you are friends with some people who think really abstractly and artistically, ask them. they will be able to suggest things that you may not have came close to considering. Plus they can do sketches and help you get an idea of what you want it to look like. I would go with a textured looked, something that makes it look more 3d-like instead of just lettering. Go abstract, go original.

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    Either do it in old english or try something different and use that creepy old carnival lettering. Google "tattoo fonts" and you will find sites to test it out.

    Also make sure it is large enough to cover should to shoulder, small tats on men are not so hot.

    "Go big or Go home!"

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    u mean the words but i would get them put into a picture if i were you, maybe a picture representing that, or u could have a cool little picture and kinda hidden but still easily seen u could have the words implanted into the picture. u should sit on it for a little bit tho and make sure u got know exactly what u want, also, try asking the artist

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    Entrance In The Rear

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    They could be sideways like a tiger scratch. That would look awesome

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    ok that sounds amazingly sexy!!!!!!!!! but wat would look cool is like a scripture but not colored with the words written across the scripture. and before each word there would be a roman numeral before each one do it would be like:





    oh and they would be written in ancient know wat i mean



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