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Girls and Guys i need advice!!!!?

I been with this guy 5 years now. we live together but we are not kids.he doesnt let me go out anywhere not even with my girlfriends.he doesnt trust me.he usually tells me to leave that life would be easier for him if i leave..

Should i leave him???

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    leave him he cant keep u locked down your no animals and he aint put no ring on ya finger or notin hella nawl leave run away tell somone to come getcha sounds like fatal attraction

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    he is keeping you in bars women!

    you need alone time.

    leave him. if he keeps telling you that then it means that he doesnt care for you. you didnt change anything in him. your don't mean anything important to him.

  • hace 1 década

    Leave him. You're not even living.

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