I would like to know, " Do I have to pay (from my taxes) . This Health care Reform plan? only serious answers.?

As a tax payer I don't want to pay for any abortions or illegal aliens health care plan. I mean If I go to my doctor I have to pay so why do I have to pay for someone else? Thank you and Peace.


I just want to add this If whoever want to get an abortion they should pay their own...I mean if you have sex you should pay for it. Why does it have to be me who pay for it?.

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    There is NOTHING in any of the current proposed legislation that would provide for Federal funding of abortions.

    Illegals (along with everyone else) already gets emergency medical care regardless of ability to pay. That won't change either. However if we had a system that would funnel non-critical healthcare away from the emergency room and into doctors' offices the cost of indigent care would DROP by 90% to 95%. The savings on that alone will run into hundreds of billions of dollars.

    BTW, I hope that you have set aside a couple thousand against the chance that you would be raped and impregnated by the rapist. After all, why should I pay for YOUR abortion??

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    So you'd rather a child could be born into horrible circumstances [such as abuse or sever poverty or even a sever physical/mental disorder] or even let 2 people die then just help pay for the abortion?

    Plus unless it was life threatening there's no way the government won't give out free abortions.

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