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Who likes Toby Keith???? I got free tickets!!?

I have 4 tickets for toby keith at the cricket wireless amphitheater for august-13-2009..

If anybody is interested i will give them out for free!!

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  • hace 1 década
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    He was my first concert. I remember my parents told me they were taking me putt-putt (for my birthday) and then when we stopped at a gas station, they gave me my Toby Keith tickets instead. I was so happy I cried. He's great. I have absolutely no idea where that is though, so I'm guessing it's not near me. If you don't really know his music, you should go and see what it's like.

  • hace 1 década

    personally, I wouldn't mind. but where is the cricket wireless ampitheater at anyway? somewhere around central Mississippi? yeah, doubt that!

  • hace 1 década

    i love toby keith but i can"t go i am painting my room all week drag.

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