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What would be the best way...? go in a store and ask for an application or if they are hiring in a professional way???

other than "Are you hiring right now?"

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    You should say to a clerk, "Can I please speak with a manager about something."

    or: "Where can I find the shift manager?"

    Then when you have the manager's ear, you can say, "Hi, my name is. . . .I'm looking for a (full-time) (part-time) (summer-help) position. . .do you have anything like that available?"

    They'll probably give you an application. Make sure you remember the manager's name, and thank them, and ask how long it takes for them to notify applicants. After you fill it out and return it, make sure you call them in that period of time if you haven't heard from them.

    Your wanting to do things the right way tells me that you're going to "knock em' dead" =)

    Good Luck!

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