¿samsung verizon a950?

como activo el bluetoo no me funciona y como instalo los juegos eh descargado a mi memoria y no sale nada ayudenme...

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    I bought this phone about a month ago. I do like the features that come on the phone. I'm putting the good in with the bad. It's all relative anyway. The main reason I wanted to post was for #3. I do not have VCast in my area, so I will not comment on it.

    1. The camera is great. Better than any I've seen on a phone. So many things to play with and tweek on it. Although taking pictures in the day is rather difficult due to glare on the screen.

    2. Darn Verizon icon_devil.gif for taking all the ringtones off.. but I guess they'd like to make money as much as the rest of humanity. It does come with a whopping 6, but downloading more is quite easy, pricy, but easy. I've found hundreds and hundreds of ringtones, wallpapers, and games on Get it Now. With the screen resolution, everything looks wonderful.

    3.Ok, now on to the Mp3 player that isn't a Mp3 player at all. I was extremely worried because any review I read basically says that I HAD to get the USB cable and program from Verizon. Just for anyone wondering.. NO YOU DON'T! As long as the songs are in .wma format then you can just put them right on the transflash card. I did have to get a SD card reader.. but hey, what's $10 to around $35??

    4. The phone does have low memory storage. So I looked and looked for a 1GB transflash/micro memory card (just can't have less than that). Well they finally developed one, and I got one off of eBay for $45, with a SD adapter. icon_clover.gif So don't go to the Verizon store before you check out eBay or even Amazon. com.

    5. I'm not so sure about the menus and folders as everything seems to be in the dumbest places. But with some patience and free time it's easy to learn.

    6. My reception isn't bad. It isn't great, but not bad. I do live in a smaller town.. which I'm sure makes a huge difference. Not much anyone can do about that other than try it out. I personally love the internal antenae.

    7. The speakers work great. Whether it's playing music or speakerphone it's clear. And quite loud in a quite room or car.

    8. You cannot leave the phone on lock mode. If you lock it, close it, do some stuff, open it, unlock it... then you have to go through the menus and lock it again before you close it. I don't like that just because the picture button is on the side of the phone. Perfect place to take pictures of the inside of my pocket.

    9. I know exactly why Verizon did it, but I hate the fact that the bluetooth is only good for an earbud. I'd like to connect to it to download and upload pics, music, etc. You can send the pics to a special PIX place.. unless you take them at full resolution. Then they are too big. Which isn't horrible now with the SD card reader.

    10. I use mine quite often. I do charge it every night, but I haven't noticed that it drains battery life quickly.

    I have to say this is a great improvement in phones. I like the phone very much, but I'll admit I can not wait until my two years is up. I'd like to see the phones that replace this one and others. Technology is advancing so quickly who knows what will be next.

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