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Feeding Betta Fish in separate container?

I have had poor luck with my Platties. I'm fairly certain that it is because they have too much protein in a diet meant for a Betta, which I also have in the 10 gallon tank. Its all I can think of, because the temperature, water parameters, and everything else is perfect and they aren't showing signs of any common diseases. For the past 3 days, I've been scooping my Betta up for feeding time in the little cup I got him in, feeding him, and putting him back within 5 minutes. He has already gotten to where he swims into the cup as soon as he sees it, for his food. Meanwhile, I feed the Platties some tropical flakes, and put him in when everyone is done eating. Is this okay, or will it be harmful to my Betta fish to continue this? He's never out of the water, or captured by a net.

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    I think it will be fine. He may get a little stressed but I think he is used to it by now especially since he is swimming into to the cup when you put it in the tank. Good Luck!

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    Have you tested your water parameters? (ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, etc.) You don't say how many Platies you have, (or had,) in your tank, but they may be dying of poor water conditions. Platies really do best when kept in the 15-20 gallon tank range. You might get away with keeping a few in a 10-gallon, but only if you keep your water perfect, with very regular water changes. I'd say with a Betta, you'd want 3 Platies at the most.

    Also, Platy and Betta Diets are very similar. If you're worried about your Platies eating the Betta food, feed them all tropical flakes and frozen food. The Betta will be fine on that diet. (If your really think it's necessary, I don't actually see any harm in feeding the Betta in his own cup...)

    Platy info: http://www.peteducation.com/category.cfm?c=16+1911...

    Good luck.

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    Platys and Bettas have more or less the same diet in the wild, Insect larvae and insects them selves, small crustaceans and the fry of other fish, Its a fish eat fish world.

    What you are doing is just fine, but platies are one of the easiest fish to keep so that is more of a concern to me than what you are doing with the betta,

    Bettas can live just fine with most other fish as long as the other fish are fin nippers, Barbs mostly are a problem, some rasboras and even a few tetras, but platys and bettas are fine together. I have seen some awfully crazy ideas on here concerning bettas.

    Let's dispel some myths:

    Male bettas are highly territorial.......TOWARDS each other, not other fish unless they are guarding a bubble nest full of eggs. and even then they aren't much of a threat to other fish that swim far faster.

    Bettas can only live alone in fish bowls. Wrong - Bettas do better in regular aquarium setups than fish bowls.

    Bettas can't live with a heater in the tank. This is absolute rubbish, they are tropical fish just like all the others we keep with the exception of a few minnow species, goldfish, dace and some killifish.

    Bettas kill every thing, NONSENSE

    The information on bettas was not directed at you or anyone, just setting some myths and popular misconceptions straight.

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  • It probably won't harm him if you scoop him out with the cup but make sure the water is the water from the tank that way he/she doesn't go into shock from the quick change of water.

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    i think its ok..........

    but if i were you i would put him in a separate bowl.

    also if you keep him in the tank with the platties you should definitely make sure all the platties food is gone before you put the beta back in.

    hope i helped!

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    I wouldn't think this was a good idea, but it seems your betta is already well adjusted to it. So as long as he's happy then we're happy. lol.

    Great idea and good job making it as stress free as possible.

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    hace 1 década

    i think that would be perfectly fine because your not really touching the fish with the cup. my sister has a betta fish and they love to fight so you could consider putting your betta in a different tank then your other fish so you dont have to take him out every time.

    i hope i helped you :]

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    Your fish seems to be well adjusted to it, so there shouldn't be a problem continuing If you start to notice changes in his behavior it might be time to change.

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    it won't do any harm, especially since he's swimming into the cup (that's so cool!) but there may be an accident and he might fall.


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    hace 1 década

    Actually, that sounds very smart to me.

    Do what you've gotta do. As long as he's not stressed out by it (which from what you've said, I can't imagine he would be), then it sounds perfectly fine. :3

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