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Moms, if you were being raptured, and saw that your 13 yr old child wasn't coming along, would you deny Jesus?

in order to stay with your child?

I was about thirteen when I concluded that religion was bunk, and I have a hard time imagining my mother flying away up to heaven while I stood here waving goodbye with the rest of the damned.

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    Many of the answers to this question, those dealing with self sacrifice, illustrate further my point when I point out to people that jesus and god really sacrificed nothing. Jesus endured a day of pain and then stayed dead for 3 days and was afterward brought back from the dead and brought up to rule in heaven. However a mother who denied jesus to remain with her child knowing full well she was wrong to do so and would spend an eternity in hell, that's sacrifice. A real sacrifice is made with no thought of any potential personal reward. It's not a temporary discomfort made with the expectation of great lasting reward afterward. We would call that a price, not a sacrifice. Jesus's suffering was no sacrifice, it was the price of his ascension. For paying his price he recieved more than any of us could ever hope to. Way to go jesus.

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    If the mom was being raptured, she would be gone instantly, literally "in the blink of an eye." She wouldn't have the opportunity to deny Jesus. The mom would have done everything possible to make sure that her child knew about Jesus, about what it means to be a true Christian believer. She would have taken her child to Sunday School, to Sunday church services. She would have had her child enrolled in a church youth group and/or summer camp, where the child would have learned more about being a believer, and she would have been offered opportunities to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. The child may have had opportunities to go to concerts/performances featuring Christian artists. If possible, the mom would have enrolled her child in a private Christian school. The mom would have been praying for her child at least once every day, probably more often.

    Jesus said that following Him can result in there being a sword separating husband from wife, parent from child. The mom would have known that and would have known that ultimately her child would have been responsible for making her own choice about whether or not to be a Christian believer. Once the mom is raptured, she will be instantly in the presence of Jesus, and all else will fade away as she looks at her Savior face to face, eye to eye.

    If you are this child, then I pray that Jesus will make Himself known to you so that you have no doubt about who He is and how you can make your choice for Him.

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    no because after the rapture there's tribulation period and that's 7 years long the first 3 1/2 is bad but the second half is even worse then there's a period of 1000 years that jesus rules and during the tribulation you can be saved

    Fuente(s): im really not sure because during my winter retreat we learned about this in a sense but i was half asleep because we had to clean up after dinner which was 11 pm and then wake up at 615 so i was sleepy so i might have a couple things wrong
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    I doubt that you'll get many humanitarian answers to this question, friend. Maybe a few, but I'm sure a lot of them will say they're damned anyway....

    As for when and if the Rapture happens, I'll be fine seeing my mom, dad, etc. go. At least they'll be safe and I wouldn't wanna worship something that is that tyrannical anyway.

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    It will be in the "twinkling of an eye" so I don't think you would realize who was being left behind.

    Please don't turn your back on God. He's really there and He loves you and wants to have a relationship with you. That's what each of us is here for. He wants us to depend on Him and be close to Him, but just like earthly parents, He has rules for us to follow. But, He knows what's best for us. God bless you. Believe in the Son and be saved. Earnestly seek Him and you will find Him.

    8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

    James 4:8 (NASB)

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    I would never deny Jesus ever even if it meant death in the hands of man. but my children wouldnt be left here either they would also never deny Jesus, see it's all in how you raise your kids.

    if its bothering you...hello thats a sign you need to get with the program you are old even to make your own path in life as far as your beliefs...the only thing is knowing that you chose the right one....and denying Jesus is always wrong and if you think I'm wrong you better hope your right, because I'd hate to witness you infront of God when he asks you what you did with his son and his sacrifice for you.

    Fuente(s): my relationship with Jesus
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    As a dad, I'd either trade places or denounce - but there is absolutely no danger of me being raptured, or of the rapture in general.

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    I don't believe in it either, but for the sake of argument;

    I would rather Burn in Hell then allow my child to do so. And even if my child couldn't be spared, at least they wouldn't have to go through it alone.

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    Of course, without a doubt. How could I not? Impossible.

    But I am a Buddhist. I don't believe in the rapture.

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 década

    Rest assured that no one's flying away and getting raptured. Ruptured maybe, when the whole thing finally proves itself false to even the most indoctrinated.

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