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walking on high heels?

im getting married in February and i havent walked on high heels since 2 years ago and my wedding shoes are 3" up if i walk a little every day with them will my feet get use to them or will they ache all night?

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    keep em all all the time, not just a while.

    if you go out, wear heels. if your walking your dog wear heels (unless its grass xD)

    also, if you have a walking machine then walk on that with high heels.

    try running and elevating. (:

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    You definitely need to practice or you'll trip or fall over at the wedding! For the first time put them on and only walk a little bit, like around a small room. Then just work your way up, walking a little further every time. You will get used to them, and you should be fine by February. Oh, I would suggest NOT doing this every day. It will be a total nightmare. I would go for every other day, or every third day. Good luck, and congratulations!

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    okay so my mom has been wearing heels her whole life and she has amazing like shin muscles or w/e i love heels! im 15 and when i have to do the dishes and vaccum and walk my dog and clean my room or w/e i wear heels and 5 pound ankle weights. i've only been doing this for a few weeks and i can see a difference. and its not so bad if they are round. and if im just at home ill even wear sock or something just for some extra support. it did take me a while to figure out how to walk in them though. my mom took a piece of tape and made a straight line on it and i had to walk the line a bazillion times.....the highest heels i have are 6 inches. but ive been wearing heels since i was like 12. sooo favorite heels are coach and guess they make super cute ones well, good luck!! :]

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    Walk in them a little every day; just around the house. That won't make your feet hurt unless you seriously spend hours in them, like almost all day. Practice about an hour a day until your wedding and you'll be walking like a model in those heels by Feb.!

    Good luck & congrats!!

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    I think the advice of working up to something a little HIGHER than what you're going to be wearing on your wedding day is a great idea. That way, you'll be very comfortable in the "lower" heels on the big day. Good luck!

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    You should be fine. Plus, if you are walking in them everyday, you will also be breaking them in, so you won't get as many blisters. Another tip, put vaseline on your feet where you would typically get blisters and you won't get as many. I do it all the time with new shoes.

    Your feet might hurt closer to the end of the night, especially if you are dancing, but you can always just take them off for a little while.


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    As long as you spend some time getting used to wearing 3" heels on an everyday basis you will be fine, go and buy a couple of pairs of 4" chunky heels to help you get used to the lower 3" heels

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    Since no one will see your shoes, you don't really have to wear heels, you know! You can find some really cute slipper shoes or some lower heels. By the end of the night, most brides have taken their shoes off anyway.

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    Honeastly, I think that every shoe takes a bit of getting used to and I think you'll get used to them if you walk in them a bit everyday.

    But if you don't feel confident in them then you could just wear flat shoes.

    Good luck!

    And congrats on the wedding ;]

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    LOL ! no they wont ache all night, theyre shoes not rocks .

    oh and yes some girls are just naturally able to walk in heels, if youre not remember to keep your back straight, walk as if theyre comfortable. and becareful with your balance.. Congrats, and i hope you have a good wedding .

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