why do i look semitransparent in these photos?

i did not used any software to modify them,

these pics were taken 4 months ago




here are more photos, these are of tonight Nov 22 2008:



some more


if these are temporaly unavailable in geocities,

they (with less resolution)

can be found in my hi5


these ones were taken in the last hour, today

like in the previous 2 of 4 months ago

i used a cannon digital camera powerShot a60 2.0Mega

and i took it mysel (auto x 10 seconds)

ai it is the case of the old ones ,

i did not use any software to make any effect.

pd. some of the pics i took to myself tonight

look nothing abnormal but some of them show semitransparency.

i just want to know why:

this one is weird this doesnt show even any sign of

movement despite it show semitransparency of myself


some more:


Actualización 2:

this is the 1st proof that i did not edit the photos, they were so in the digital camera


Actualización 3:

the previous proof correspond to this photo


Better than that, the proof that i did not edit any of those pics is in this video in youtube i have just uploaded seconds ago


Youtube thumbnail

this video corresponds to this pic


Actualización 4:

a video that shows the pic in my camera which is the proof i did not edit it


Youtube thumbnail

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  • hace 1 década
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    The same thing happened to me once when I took a pic of myself using my old Nikon Coolpix 3100 on a 10-second timer. The exposure was automatically set on "indoor shots". Something like that had never happened before, and all of my body is see-through in that picture. I didn't move while it was being taken, and the camera was sitting steadily on my desk. I thought it was very cool, though I doubt it has to do with anything paranormal.

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 década

    cool trick. You hold the exposure and then move out of the way. In the second one you can see some of the image of you stepping away.

    You can do a lot of great ghost photos like this. Have a friend stand perfectly still in the shot, and you move through it with lights or something.

    edit: I am pretty positive that the powershot A60 doesn't have the capability to hold open the exposure for 10 seconds. I might be mistaken. However, the exposure being held open is whats going on here. In all of these pictures you can see the traces of you moving out of the way, or into the shot.

    If this is not on purpose, its a malfunction with the camera which is holding the shutter open during the timer.

    Also, what the heck do you have your shirt off for? Are you trying to make a ghost porno?

  • hace 1 década

    Well I accept the possibility of this type of phenomenon, I hold this to be a hoax for the following reasons.

    1. several of the photos are taken with inconsistent perspectives. This would happen when you took two pictures and combined them without accounting for the relative height of the vanishing points. This might take a sharp eye to see.

    2. Especially evident in tnstr005.jpg the focus on his jeans on the bottom right of the frame is too sharp of the depth of field that the background image was shot at. The chair immediately next to his leg should be on the same focal plane but it is not.

    3. Even though this is the fallacy of fallacy, I propose that his presentation of his evidence is suspicious. He assumes he will not be believed and sites as evidence the fact that the images are on his camera. Quite obviously, a camera will display any image format it is designed to read without regard to how that image came to be.

    I am not an expert in either the paranormal or in digital artifact analysis, but I for one am not convinced.

  • eri
    Lv 7
    hace 1 década

    Because you moved while they were being taken. I used to have an old Olympus camera - one of the nice film ones - and you could do some cool tricks with it. If you had a very dim light source, like a full Moon, you could take a long-exposure photo - like 6 minutes or so. What you do is have someone standing in the photo for the first 3 minutes, cover up the lens quickly and have them move out of the frame, then take the other 3 minutes without them there. Preso! Ghost pictures!

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  • hace 1 década

    Dear friend,

    Greetings in peace, love and light. This phenomena called dimensional shifting/overlapping that occurs for a reason. You body has turn to be ghostly not because you body physically has become transparent but another dimension being overlap in front of you that proves the existence of physical existence's copy. If its a double exposed, the whole picture would be transparent with another image overlap and it is not only covered in small parts of the scene. It is noticeable that you have not moves as there is no image streaks present that can be considered as double image. Yes, you have captured a paranormal photo.

    Double expose is impossible in digital camera and many automatic conventional film camera as digital camera captured image and save it immediately while automatic conventional film camera its sprocket will automatically roll after the shutter is pressed that double exposed never allow.

    However, double expose only happened in conventional manual film where one needs to turn manually the film sprocket . Yet, the expose not only in small parts of the scene but the whole scene that cover the previous scene.

    In fact, I have work with various types of camera from conventional manual film that I have produced more then a dozen of double expose photo because I forgot to turn the film sprocket to automatic conventional film camera and digital camera from phone's camera to ordinary digital camera and now I am using Canon and Sony DSLR that has given me the personal experience on long exposed effects.

    In peace, love and light.


  • hace 1 década

    I'm intrigued with the technique. Your upper half is transparent with no sign of movement; your lower half is solid. How could the camera see only part of what was behind you, and not a full double exposure? If it were some kind of defect, I wouldn't expect such a result. Perhaps you hadn't fully materialized before the shutter clicked!

  • Deenie
    Lv 6
    hace 1 década

    You don't look transparent to me. You look more like a "cloud" or "ghost" is covering part of you. Maybe the one holding the camera moved (if you didn't take the picture yourself ...sitting it on a shelf or something.) Or maybe it was in the developing. What does the negative look like? Maybe you should have someone else develop them just to see if it was in the developing. I don't know anything about photos....I'm just guessing. One Christmas some of our pictures had a big smokey glob on them. We didn't think anything about it. Later on the whole family started seeing what we thought was maybe a ghost (not even thinking about the pictures.) Wish I could find them...I'd post them on here. We probably threw them away thinking they were bad photos..not worth saving. (That was before I knew much about the paranormal and ghosts in photos.)

    Edit...I forgot about digital cameras. You can post the pictures without developing them. Now I'm stumped! Maybe a bug crawled into your camera or computer and messed it up. lol Or maybe it was the heat or cold.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    hace 1 década

    Double exposures, with and without you in the picture.

  • hace 1 década

    Because you are so muscular that, just like Chuck Norris, you can defy all time, space and levels of existence...

  • hace 1 década

    you must be dead!!!!!!!!

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