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Will Yahoo reward us...?

How do you think Yahoo should reward and incentive us for spending so much time answering and helping friends to solve their problems without getting bore...?

Yahoo Answer is a great tool for adding Clicks to a Website's Records, increasing its shares value.

Do you think Yahoo! will give us a little piece of the pie as a reward and how...?


I mean:

It is not about altruism or people's idle time.

All energy interchange has to be in both directions, any other way it will ineffably moor and be extinguished.

So in order to keep the attention and increase web traffic it have to be rewarded in any way.

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  • hace 1 década
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    Yahoo has given out prizes in past years to active members of Answers. The last one was a tote bag with a Yahoo logo. Maybe they will do it again..

  • hace 1 década

    wowwwwwww.. your question is real great.............

    very intelligent one..

    but....... all ur hopes will goes off..

    if u spend your time in yahoo answer......means.. yahoo never ask u to spend your time here. on ur own wish u r spending ur time..

    i think this will be the answer u will get from yahoo ..........

    ha ha .........

    u know. for web site owner ,,, people are invester..

    just they are utilizing your free and work time..

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 década

    a reward like extra points would be good

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