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What's your favorite music for running??

I'm getting ready for the Human Race and I really wanna have a decent playlist on my ipod for that day... So what do you like? What would you include?

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  • hace 1 década
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    its all about the TECHNO XD

    now your gone-basshunter

    please dont go-basshunter

    blast the speakers-warp brothers

    breathe- prodigy

    all i ever wanted- basshunter

    eurodancer- dj mangoo

    drop the bass- dj rabaan

  • oroza
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    hace 4 años

    Black Eyed Peas- Pump It , My Humps Rihanna- SOS, Pon De Replay, Umbrella Avril Lavigne- female pal Bubba Sparxxx- Ms. New Booty Nelly Furtado- Promiscuous Usher- Yeah, caught Up Sean Paul- Temperature, Get Bust, We Be Burnin, provide it as much as Me Ciara- one million,2 Step, arise, Oh, candies Beyonce- Irreplaceable, examine on It, beautiful Liar Carrie underwood- previously He Cheats, Jesus Take the Wheel Nickleback- a techniques away, image ... stuff like that

  • Claire
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    hace 1 década

    When I run I listen to all of Miranda Lambert's songs. If you are into a country-rockish sound, I definitely recommend her! My favorites are Kerosene, Gunpowder & Lead, New Strings, and Famous in a Small Town.

    Check out some of her songs! and good luck at your race!

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 década

    Mika- Love Today

    Toya-I do


    Laffy Taffy- D4L

    Never Again- Kelly Clarkson

    The Distance- Cake

    god i could go forever lol

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  • C3
    Lv 6
    hace 1 década

    i agree with sparkler metro station's songs have a good beat and theyre uptempo

    i also liste to


    taking back sunday

    chris brown

    shiny toy guns

    kanye west

  • hace 1 década
  • hace 1 década

    everytime we touch by casada. it has a really good beat.

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 década

    metro station is upbeat, try that

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 década

    Welcome To The Jungle

    by Guns and Roses

    awesome song

  • hace 1 década

    birrtnay spears

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