Is this chest pain to do with GERD?

I'm 18 and have had GERD on and off for a few months, it's not been bad for a few weeks, just the annoying hiccups really, but today after eating some crisps (i think) i started getting this burning feeling in my lower left chest area just above my breast bone (upper breast).

I've had it before so i assume it is to do with GERD?

Is is Heartburn?

It's not servere it's mild, just really annoying.

Thanks .x.

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    You are probably right that this is just refluxing gastric acid. Make certain you stick to the right foods and avoid those that trigger or worsen episodes of reflux. I'm sure you know the routine but it bears repeating: Eat smaller, more frequent meals (4-6), chew food well, keep your weight down, avoid prolonged pressure on your stomach (includes tight clothing/belts or certain body positions), stay upright for 30-60 minutes after meals, don't eat within an hour of bedtime and keep your head elevated in bed. Use two pillows or place wooden blocks under the head of the bed to raise it to a 30 degree angle.

    If you feel your medication at its current dosage is inadequate,or, if this continues or worsens report this to your doctor. Ask your doctor if you may take an over-the-counter antacid for breakthroughs like this.

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    you are having panic attacks..If you have been checked out..If not you need to see a doctor.I have this and you need to lose weight and get you some nerve pills.And really watch what you eat..A lot of things will hurt you real bad. You need to see a gerd diction for this are it will get worse..That is what brings own these anxiety attacks gerd.It will make you fill like you are having a heart attack. Also try Gas-X the pill form..It will make you fill better..And Zantac 150 you can buy this all at walmart..I was like you I had test ran 1 after the other and this is what helps me..Don't eat grease or spicy foods or chocolate..And this don't sound good but you have to have a bowel movement every day or it will hurt you like this and some times worse God bless you and seek out a doctor just for this..So you can get some relief from this..

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    Hi there,

    The most common symptom of GERD is persistent heartburn. Heartburn is experienced as an unpleasant and painful burning sensation in the esophageal area.

    If you have already been diagnosed with GERD / acid reflux you can also try out this natural remedy


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    If the pain is the same as you have been having, then yes, it's probably reflux related. Because you say it is a burning sensation, it makes me lean toward reflux and not anything cardiac. Does your reflux medicine help with the pain? If the pain gets worse, you have any other symptoms, or you need reassurance, talk to your doctor and have a simple EKG done.

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    Burning pain after eating does indeed sound like the GERD - try taking your antacids and see if that helps, and don't lay down after eating - stay upright.

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