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do you exercise everyday or every other day?

As of now, I have been doing it everyday, but only 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights. However, I am so overweight and out of shape that I am getting really sore! My husband said to stop, do it every other day, that something is better than nothing. But I feel like if I do that, that it will not be enough. Will it? I really need to lose this weight and I want to make the right choices.

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    yes. What alot of people miss out on is being careful not to over train. on your off day simply do 15-20 minutes. Realy the key is your diet. You got to make sure you are eat slow digesting food. Mainly whole vegetables and unprocessed cooked meat.

    You always have about 2 weeks of being sore that you have to deal with when ever you start up....If you are still sore after that, it is because you are not feeding the furnace right. You gotta make sure you are consuming enough food to repair your self and maintain your energy reserves so your body does not go into save mode....where it knows it will have to do this work....and it also knows it will not have enough calories to do so. You want your body to think i will have just enough calories to complete the workload i will have to produce. Then it wont store fat as reserves.

    Look up glycemic index and understand high glycemic index is like burning paper in a furnace with a high peak and a low crash, while low glycemic index is like burning firewood which will keep you body going for the long haul.

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    Hi - okay, the cardio is great and if your looking to loose then

    pushing for 60 minutes is okay. Mix it up though, treadmill,

    bike, rowing....try interval training on the treadmill, fast pace and then go slow...and keep repeating. The weights really need to be done, but to give your muscles a rest do upper body one day and lower body the next - your metabolism will be revved up and

    you won't be sore so you can continue with reaching your goal.

    Changes aren't easy and it does take work...but not soremess.

    :0) Best of luck!

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    The pain is good. That means you've torn and injured your muscles. They repair themselves, and become stronger - hence bigger, stronger muscles.

    Muscles burn fat. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn and faster (3200 calories per pound).

    Try and work out 4 days a week. For two days, focus solely on cardio exercises. The other days, try to incorporate weight training into your regimen.

    Fuente(s): I work out Monday-Saturday
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    You need to take time to rest. Mix up your routine a bit. weights one day, cardio the next. you really shouldn't do weights two days in a row - do it every other day so your muscles can grow.

    Maybe do some walking or other exercise after you do weights.

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    Go for every other day. If you watch your caories you will still loose weight. Besides if you hurt yourself from over exercising you won't be able to do it for a longer time!

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    I have four definite days (Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sun) and I try to work in Saturday as well. That's plenty. You'll burn yourself out if you try to do too much, and at the very least your body needs one recovery day a week.

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    I work out 3 days a week, I can't work out everyday, it's too difficult for me. I need time to recuperate.

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    you should do it every other day

    that way your body will have time to heal

    rather than sore and then finally burning out

    trust me, doing it every other day is BETTER than doing it everyday

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    I am not as motivated as you are. I exercise every other year!!!!

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    everyday.cardiae+muscle.flexibility (yoga)+dance.swim +yoga.

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