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Within the next two years, 2008-2009, how low do you expect the Dow Jones Industrial Average to go?

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    I see a 30% correction from today's level....by January 2009

    Actually wouldn't be surprised if I see higher % correction by next January.

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    The way the fed keeps injecting liquidity [freaking large amounts of cash] into the failed bankrupt markets;

    @ 15,000 by July 2008 with @ $5 gasoline

    @ 20,000- 30,000 by the end of 2009 with @ $25 dollar per gallon gasoline


    If the fed was not so generous with the money spigots...

    less than 10,000 by july 2008 with @ $4 gasoline

    @ 3,000- 7,000 by the end of 2009 with @ $3.50 gasoline

    Does this help any?

    Depends on how low the dollar can safely go...

    Fuente(s): federal reserve destroying any accurate market forecast... todays date March 11, 2008. DJIA currently @ 12,200 gasoline @ $3.25
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    I think it will go up slightly in the next year. Hopefully it will go up significantly the next year or so. The stock market is only about 10% higher today than it was 7 years ago. That is probably the worst performance in its history (it went up about 325% during the 8 years Clinton was in office). But the U.S. economy is in real trouble right now. We are losing manufacturing jobs and the price of oil is eating away at disposable income. The dollar is at all time lows against other countries.

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  • hace 1 década

    I don't care if it will possibly reach 10,000 (less than 10% likelihood but definitely possible), but instead where it's going. In fact, it going to 10,000 might be healthier than people think since it means that stocks will have what they need for a 20 year rally.

    16,250 to 18,000 by 2010 and 14,500 to 15,500 by end of the year. That would require a 30% increase from its current levels to reach the top end of that range and 21% for the bottom end of the range. That will happen unless the Fed has rates above 2% (which are currently 3%).

  • hace 1 década

    I have read that bear markets last an average of 14 mos, so hold on, it should start getting better in 09. I don't think it will drop below 11,000.

  • hace 1 década

    I think we are quickly headed for a depression, not a recession so it will go very low

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    hace 1 década

    It will drop below 10,000 before it heads up significantly.

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    hace 1 década

    it will level off, and eventually rise again ... i hope

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