Secondary Symptoms of Diabetes?

I am about 60, controlled hypertensive via ACE inhibitor. After a stressful period my blood glucose popped higher than 120, maybe to 150 range. Doctor put me on diet. Last two fasting blood glucose tests were normal, A1C tests were below 6.0

My cousin told me that a skin problem might be a diabetes secondary symptom but I get mixed signals from a dermatologist and my primary care physician.

My fingers and toes get hard skin. The skin on my fingers starts to split/bleed - sometimes spontaneously, often with physical stress like tennis. Neither physician says this is a diabetic side effect. Since my blood sugar is currently under control, I shouldn't have this kind of problem as a secondary symptom. Nor does stuff I've found online seem to exactly match my symptom.

Does anyone out there have any experience with this kind of problem? Am I looking at one or two conditions here? Just trying to sort it all out. Any help would be appreciated.


After a bath, I often use a skin moisturizer, one of the 'intensive care' lotions, but I still get splits. Worse in cold weather. Sometimes I use one of the multi-threat antibiotic creams instead. I have a topical prescription ointment. Nothing seems to help, yet my blood sugar has been normal for past two tests. I'm just trying to decide what is going on here.

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    Diabetic patients may have dry skin both in arms and legs. I apply olive oil after taking bath.

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    The skin on my hands and feet are both harder than normal but not sure if the same thing or not.

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