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Check list for moving from Canada to USA?

I will marry a person from USA, I am canadian citizen, so I need all the things that I have to do before moving like taxes?. can I continue with my canadian bank account? can I move all my moving with me?

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    Look it ain't a big deal, I'm American & my wife is Canadian.

    If your planning on marrying, do it on the spur of the moment, no plans for immigration. You can keep your Canadian bank account. Take all your immunization records with you & any school or training certif. If your moving all your belongings have the American drive the truck accross the border and have everything marked as far as boxes is concerned. Remember there is a quarentine on some wood so beware of the wood borers. Get ahold of US Homeland security as soon as possible. Remember take as much medical history with you as possible.

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    You can still have a Canadian bank account. You will have to pay Canadian taxes if you continue to earn income in Canada. I don't understand the last part of your question - can you move what with you?

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    What part of the US are you moving to? I think I can answer

    the last part. First, do you consider yourself French Canadian? If yes, you might have some guff depending

    on where you settle...oh, and welcome.

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