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what's the best thing somebody has done for you in your whole life?

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  • hace 1 década
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    I've been fortunate I've had many. Yes, someone has saved my child's life because she went to the hospital. Their job. Random acts of kindness. How wonderful, I've been blessed because there are so many. Thank you people and thank you God for bringing the angels to me.

    However, if I have to single one specific event I shall.

    One Christmas as a single mom, I worked as a civilian in the Army ROTC in Mass. I had no money, no family and no gifts for my 2 year old son.

    One of the Army personnel asked me what I was doing for my son for Christmas and I explained that I had to make the very difficult decision of keeping us warm vs. giving gifts and I decided on the former rather than the latter. I could not afford gifts nor a tree for my son.

    We had a party at the facility which my 2 year old was invited to and it was lovely. After the party one of my collegues offered me a ride home (driving 15 min., public transportation, 1 hour with 2 bus rides) I could only afford 1 bus ride and walk with my son on my back for another 35-40 minutes because he was afraid of the snow. I hesitantly accepted the ride because I did not want to inconvenience my co-worker.

    When I got to the front of my apartment which I could not afford, no family and no gifts for my child, I was absolutely amazed.

    All of my friends and collegues were waiting for me on my front steps. They had a tree fully decorated and each and every one of them had a gift and then some for us. I have never ever cried that day the way I did.

    These were my guardian angels. I will never ever forget this random act of kindness. God bless every one of those wonderful military guys. I will never forget them.

  • hace 1 década

    Motivated me to get an education which now I'm proud of

  • hace 1 década

    Cared about me better than any family member has, putting my needs equal to his, not without flaws, but with love.

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    I got fired from a job I hated.

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    hace 1 década

    the best that i received en mi life my beautiful family and trhe people that its with me

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    hace 1 década

    Saved my child's life.

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    hace 1 década

    random acts of kindness = )

  • hace 1 década

    loved me for who I am

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