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Power - (must be answer before 9pm)?

A car with a mass of 1328 kg is coasting in neutral on a straight , level road. It slows down, and its speed as a afunciton of time is given by the equation:

v(t)=26.8 - 0.310t + 0.0210t^2

At time 14.0 s , the speed, as given by the above equation ,is 22.87 m/s.Calculate the power which the engine must deliver(to compensate for air resistance and rolling resistance) in order to maintain that speed.

What I did ...

p=F*v p=ma*v . I did the derivative of V(t) to get a but I got the wrong answer .Also when it says "maintain that speed" that's it mean constant speed, then a would be 0 ?

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    if its maintaining the speed there is 0 velocity... i think, acceletation = gravity. 9.8 m/s but..

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