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y para muestra esta ultima que me entro hoy







My chosen Partner,

Compliment of the season,Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into business relationship with you. I know this mail may come to you as a surprise, since we have not known or written before.

Our Mother died long ago when she was about to delivered my most junior sister Chantal, she is 22 years old as of today, based that we lost our mother

so early our father took us so special, we are only three from my mother's side, I and the two girls.

Introducing my self , I am Raph Larry 26 years of age the only son of the late Chief and Mrs Robert Larry, My father was a gold and cocoa merchant based in Accra, Ghana and Abidjan ( Ivory Coast )

He was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their business trips. Before the death of my father on 27th February 2001 in a private hospital here in Abidjan.

He secretly called me on his bedside and told me that he has a sum of USD$12.5M ( Twelve Million five hundred thousand U.S), deposited in Bank in ( Abidjan Cote D’ Ivoire, that he used my name as his beloved son for the next of kin in depositing the fund.

He also explained to me that it was because of this wealth that he was poisoned by his business associates, that I should seek for a foreign partner in a country of my choice

where I will transfer this money and use it for investment purpose such as expansion of his existing cocoa business and real estate management overseas.

I have make an arrangement with the Local bank manager here on how best to transfer this money to overseas please, I am humbly seeeking your assistance in the following ways.

1)-To serve as the guardian of this fund since I am

still in the secoundary school with my junior sisters.

2)-To help me to invest this money in a good business

in your country.

3)- To assist me in providing an account of yours

where this fund can quietly be transferred into.

4)- To make arrangement for me to come over to your

country to futher my education and to help me secure a

residential permit in your country.

Moreover, I am willing to offer you 15% of the total sum as compensation for your effort/ Input after the successful transfer of this fund into your nominated

account overseas, while 5% will be set aside to offset any expenses we may incure.

Furthermore, you can indicate your option towards

assisting me as I believe that this transaction would be concluded within the shortest possible time if you signify interest to assist me.

Thanks and God bless.

you can contact me with my private e-mail for more informations


Yours sincerely



la añado a mi coleccion como la de tony russel y basile maurice de los cuales ya publique sus cartas

Actualización 2:

gracias a ti edu, lo tuyo por lo menos suena a legal

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    Gracias por la informacion


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    Gracias por la informacion, aunque hay que reconocer que existen oportunidades reales por internet, desde hace tiempo estoy realizando inversiones de alto rendimiento, obtengo el 28% de rendimiento a 14 dias, y la verdad me ha funcionado. Te lo recomiendo.

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