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¿Cual es el nombre de la cancion?

En la pelicula de Scary Movie 2,en la parte donde esta el de las silla de ruedas junto con la chica sexy ,cuando prende el radio ¿CUAL ES EL NOMBRE DE ESA CANCION DE FONDO?

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    este es el soundtrack de la pelicula, ojala y aqui encuentres la cancion que buscas:

    "Hello Dolly"

    Written by Jerry Herman

    "Shake Ya Ass"

    Written by Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, Mystikal (as Michael Tyler)

    "Tubular Bells"

    Written and Performed by Mike Oldfield

    "Smack My Bitch Up"

    Written by Liam Howlett, Mike Smith, Cedric Miller, Kool Keith Tim Randolph

    Performed by The Prodigy

    "Graduation (Friends Forever)"

    Written by Colleen Fitzpatrick & Josh Deutsch

    Performed by Vitamin C

    "U Know What's Up"

    Written by Darren Lighty, Edward Ferrell, Clifton Lighty, Balewa Muhammad, Anthony Hamilton, Veronica McKenzie

    Performed by Donell Jones

    "I Walk Alone"

    Written by Thomas Flowers, Doug Eldridge, Ric Ivanesivich, Fred Nelson, Jr.

    Performed by Oleander


    Written by Eddie Cooley, John Davenport

    Performed by Richard Marino and his Orchestra

    "Killer Bee"

    Written by Scott Nickoley, Mikey Andrade, Jamie Dunlap

    Performed by Meeks

    "Let Me Blow Ya Mind"

    Written by E. Jeffers, A. Young, M. Elizondo, S. Storch, S. Jordan

    Performed by Eve featuring Gwen Stefani


    Written by Daniel Lenz, Brent Daniels

    Performed by Hednoize

    "If I Had No Loot"

    Written by John Bautista, Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd, Willie Harris, O'Shea Jackson,

    Anthony Wheaton, Charlie Wiggins, Ralph Saadiq, L.A. Jay

    Performed by Tony Toni Tone

    "History Repeating"

    Written by Alex Gifford

    Performed by Propellerheads

    "When It's Dark"

    Written by Trace Augcomfar, Blake English and Neb Luv

    Performed by Trace featuring Neb Luv

    "Givin' My Dick Away"

    Written by Trace and Marvin Paige

    Performed by Trace

    "Sorry Now"

    Written by S. Frazier, M. McGrath, D. Gilmore

    "So Erotic"

    Written by Casey Crown, J. De Bear and Paul Gordon

    Performed by Casey Crown featuring J Dee

    "Ride Wit Me"

    (featuring City Spud)

    Written by Lavelle Webb, Jason Epperson, Eldra DeBarge, William DeBarge, Etterlane Jordan, Cornell Haynes

    Performed by Nelly

    "Holiday Party"

    Written by Robert D Hanna

    Performed by Big Daddy

    "Insane In The Brain"

    Written by Larry Muggerud, Louis Freeze, Senen Reyes, Jerry Corbett

    Performed by Cypress Hill

    "Evel Knieval"

    Written by Damon Daxter and Derek Davies

    Performed by Ceasefire V Deadly Avenger

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