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Can you get Outlook Email in a Blackberry Pearl?

Other than just syncing it with you contacts and stuff, can you get your email in your pearl? also, can you open word, and excel attachment in any blackberry? please let me know, thanks everyone!

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    Ofcourse you can get email in your Blackberry Pearl. That's what their primary function is. Blackberry was designed to access to email and all business people use blackberry for that reason. I don't know if you seen prev blackberry but since they were intended for business use they didn't have a lot of multimedia functionality. Since now they are aiming toward regular consumer that's why they have the pearl. So in short you can setup email. If you look at your manual it tells you how and also depending on type of email that you have setup with outlook the information you may need vary. and yes you can open work, and excel among with many other type of attachment on your BB.

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