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canron4peace preguntado en TravelMexicoMexico City · hace 1 década

If you had information that a major earthquake is to hit Mexico City with its 25 million inhabitants May 24?

What would you do with the information?


The person who calculated this event is the same one who tried to warn them of the 1985 one. NOBODY listened. Maybe more will this time.......

Actualización 2:

SHINDE is a liar. I never quoted my source and that source has known this man for over twenty years and says he is extremely reliable. He is not talking about a 6.5!

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  • hace 1 década
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    I'd get out! Hopefully people have learned to take warnings from reliable sources seriously after Katrina!

  • hace 5 años

    I obtained a mail few days interior the previous approximately some Winik Zek Balam who has written some books as Mith & certainty fo the Pyramids and the top of Planet Earth...I haven`t shown the suggestion whether there have self assurance to be a large terrible earthquake on might 24th this 365 days. My mom lives in Cuerna and that i've got family contributors there...very closed ones!!! I desire they hit it to Cuernavaca the least.

  • Mesja
    Lv 4
    hace 1 década

    I received a mail few days ago about some Winik Zek Balam who has written a couple of books as Mith & Reality fo the Pyramids and The End of Planet Earth...I haven`t confirmed the info but there suppose to be a huge terrible earthquake on May 24th this year.

    My mom lives in Cuerna and I have relatives there...very closed ones!!! I hope they hit it to Cuernavaca the least.

  • hace 1 década

    Worst case scenario, you spread the word and nobody listens, everybody continues with their daily life... best case scenario, most people don't listen, the few that do, have it in the back of their minds and continue with their daily life...

    Point is, it's human nature to dismiss these "alerts" in advance. If everytime you got on a car somebody said you'll die, you may not get on their once, but more than likely you'll dismiss the alert and continue with your business.

    I believe that people in general will only listen if you could go into the future, bring some evidence, and then they'll do something to be prepared or to prevent it, etc. But that's not gonna happen...

    Best thing somebody can do to help is to pass the word, best thing somebody can do to be helped, is to be on alert...

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  • hace 1 década

    I would tell all of my friends in Mexico City, tell the news media here, and get as far away as I can from the city because I live near enough to be affected!

  • hace 1 década


    I'm mexican and I live in mexico city!

    Mexico City is the biggest city of the world.

    We live 26.284.166 (2006)

    we are in a very seismic zone

    I have information but in Spanish!!


    Lv 5
    hace 1 década

    That mail is not reliable. Is mere junk.

    Please don't go scaring people like that.

    Fuente(s): I have read it, just junk.
  • hace 1 década

    expand it all round the mexican web-pages, and send emails to all friends...

    Fuente(s): i live in Mexico
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