How is it that you can "safely remove" a hard drive?

In Win XP, when you pop in a USB memory or pen drive, you see a little icon next to the clock ni the taskbar to "Safely remove" it. (usually F: drive).

But I've seen some PCs with the very same icon for "safely removing" the HDs! (C: and D: drives).

How is that so? What if I clicked on it and "removed" the hard drive? Would the PC become unoperative?

Thanks for your answers!

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  • hace 1 década
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    depends on if the drive you are going to remove is a primary... if your dealing with a laptop, then you could remove one of them that is not the primary without a problem... however, removing the primary would definately stop it from working.

  • mar m
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    hace 1 década

    Windows sometimes gets antsy about removing devices that it has recognized. The little text box tells you that it's ok to remove it. No big deal. On Windows ME, on my second computer, it goes bonkers if I remove a USB device without permission LOL

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  • hace 1 década

    You should never remove or put in parts while the computer is on. EVER!

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  • OZ
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    hace 1 década

    They must have been an external hard drive you saw.

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