Do you want to tell me something about your country?

Is there somebody who wants to talk me about your country to can take a desition were to go for my holy days


Is there somebody who wants to talk me about your country to can take a desition were to go for my holy days. I'm from mexico and I want some help, because the web pages are not enough

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  • hace 1 década
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    Australia, I was born here and have lived here my whole life, the weather is great, the beaches are the best, the people are so friendly, crime is pretty low you can walk the street at night and be safe, things are fairly cheap here, BEST OF ALL we are hot the women are hot, the men are buff and tanned!

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  • hace 1 década

    I recommend antarctica, we are building a new seed vault and there is plenty of cross country skiing.

    IF you are not interested in that there are hundreds of great places to go in the USA, we have everything you could ever think of from cost to coast, then with Alaska and Hawaii, we cover all climates. If you want the outdoors, mountains, fishing, camping, go to the northwest, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming.

    If you really want to experience the mountains and some great skiiing and hiking the Rockies run through Montana, Idaho, Colorado.

    If you like the ocean and cliffs, see the northeast US or the northwestern coast line through Oregon and Northern California. If warm sandy beaches are your thing, Florida, Alabama, Misouri, Alabama, Texas, Southern California, Hawaii, Georgia, South Carolina.

    There are incredible museums in MY, such as the Museum of Natural history which is worth taking a 5 day trip just to see that (it takes that much time). You can find things of the like in any major US city.

    If you like gambling, there is Vegas and Atlantic City, Buloxi.

    Amusement parks are everywhere, the question is what do you want to do? We have it here.

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    hace 1 década

    Well, if you come to the U.S, you can take your pick on what you wnat... i live in California, and well.. it's not much of a change from Mexico.. unless you want to go up to Yosemite National Park or somthing. Go to the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming or Colorado or else Orlando, Florida or else New York City.

  • hace 1 década

    Singapore - if you like great food and inexpensive shopping. Variety of cultures, different style of living. Visit Sentosa island for some funs or travel to other asia countries (such as Thailand, Malaysia) for a cheap airfare from Singapore.

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  • hace 1 década

    Hmm, well, I'm from was a very beautiful place before the war everything's destroyed though and it's dangerous, so I guess you can't go there for your holidays.

    I live in the UK though - you would have a great time here =)

    London is good for shopping and that and you could visit Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, Madame Tussaude's etc

  • Paul
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    hace 1 década

    United States of America.

    Different scenery all over the country. Cities, mountains, oceans, lakes, hills, parries, canyons, rivers, forests, deserts, etc. etc. The most beautiful country in the world. Nice people too.

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    hace 1 década

    puerto rico.

    omg its so beautiful. the trees and the blue waters are so refreshing.

    boricuens are really nice and theyll be sure to give a taste of our culture. spanish cultures the best and everywun knows the caribbeans the best for vacations. lol

  • hace 1 década

    come here in Greece it's great and i bet you're gonna love it ....kisses

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    hace 1 década

    we have a sorry a** president

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