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Excel 2003 Negative Numbers?

Spurred by another question, I've just realised I cannot format negative numbers to be in brackets - the option's just not there. I'm sure it was in Excel 2000. I know HOW to do it, it's just that it appears no longer to be possible. Is it just me, or is this one of the "Improvements" in 2003?

Any thoughts much appreciated.


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    You are right its confusing.

    go to format,cells and custom, then you will see on the drop down menu brackets........choose that and you are sorted.

    and I dont call that improvement.

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    Just change the cell format to Accounting and the negative numbers will be in brackets.

    Fuente(s): Looking at the numbers in Excel 2003 as I write this....
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    utilizing the format will take care of the quantity as detrimental and they're going to plot that way. The abs() should be inserted in each and each cellular, making it difficult (until eventually you recognize a thanks to application it). try right here: Edit replace locate what: - replace with: that would favor to remove all the detrimental values. If there are formula, this received't artwork. Be selective on the cells you want, because that's going to remove ALL minus signs and indications (although you may %. any selection length).

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