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where is King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London in relation to Euston Station, London?

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    King's College Hospital is at Denmark Hill train station, close to Kennington and Oval tube station. Here you have a map for King's College Hospital:


    Kennington and Oval tube stations are on zone 2 on the Northern line, which is the darkest one in this map that crosses London from North to South:


    Euston Station is on the same line, but on zone 1, up North from Kennington.

    If you're going to the hospital from Euston, take the Northern line. Don't think about going walking - way too much distance.

    Hope this helps



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    Kings College is 5 mins walk from Denmark Hill Station getting you will need Victoria Station London Bridge or Blackfriars Euston is not really the best station.

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    Get the 68 bus from Euston Station straight to the front door, more or less, I do this journey when I go there.

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    Take the northern line down to Oval, take 185 bus heading south outside station and it stops outside the Hospital. Or take train to Denmark Hill.... Here's the link:


    Hope that helps.

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    the nearest is Heathrow or London city Airport yet you would possibly want to need to get a connection from both through prepare or taxi to Euston highway and this will be quite extreme priced in the area of £70 from Heathrow or £35/40 from LCA to study out prepare connections seem on the shipping for London cyber web website which grant you with an theory of prepare situations and expenditures on your vacation spot or if vacationing through prepare from Glasgow you would possibly want to both arrive at Euston (the clinical institution is a stones throw away) St Pancras & Kings bypass it easily relies upon on your funds

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