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  • Social services sent me letter telling me to go in for interview with investigator,what will they do?

    it says to take in my lease for my rent a friend rented this apartment for me but he never lived here so the lease has his and my name on it.I never mentioned that on my food stamps application I didnt think that would be a problem.A few months ago my husband moved in with me and I reported that.What can I tell them about it?What do you think interview is for?

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  • What will social services do if they think I lied to them?

    So I started getting food stamps in january and my husband was getting about $600 a month,in march he started working more hours getting about $2000 a month and I sent in a paper making the changes I think they didnt get it because I was getting the same amount of food stamps.Today I received a letter saying that I need to go in for an interview with an investigator,i am very scared as I am pregnant,this was my last month receiving food stamps.What will happen in the interview? Will they call cops?

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  • ¿Mi esposo piensa q traigo un chupeton?

    hoy fui con una amiga y traia una blusa de cuello y un collar no se como pero traigo algo en el cuello q parece un chupeton y mi esposo me lo vio y piensa q lo ando fue a la calle muy enojado y dijo q se iva a ir de la casa necesito ayuda no puedo dejar q nuestra reLACION SE ACABE POR UN MLENTENDIDO AYUDENME Q HAGO

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