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  • How to install this LED light?

    I bought this LED light for my aquarium. Last time I just wired it directly to an old DC adapter but this time I wanted to add an on/off switch. I'm a little confused about how to wire it. It has a wire for the power source one for the light and one is a grounding cable but the light (and the DC cable) have two wires each, negative and positive. How do i wire it all? Did I buy the wrong switch? Any help appreciated. Also how do I ground the grounding wire? The light will be sitting on top of an aquarium lid

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  • Filter that can work with sand substrate?

    Hello. I had a 75 gallon freshwater tropical aquarium with sand substrate. I have a top fin filter (i know bad). when i opened it i realized the instructions said not to use sand. I tried it anyway but the fabric cartridges just disintegrate. There s several other brands but none of the specifically say whether or not they work with sand. I dont want to buy one only to open it and see that its not for sand substrate. Any reccomendations? Id rather not have an undergravel filter as the aquarium is already up and running. thanks

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  • What ever happened to Trump bringing more showbiz and style to his convention?

    He said he would add his sense of glamour and showbiz to not make it boring like the other conventions. He also said not to worry that he was lacking high profile political endorsements because it would be full of huge celebrity endorsements. To me the convention hall looked like every other convention I've seen. Red white blue and lots of balloons and confetti. And as far as I can work out, Scott baio and Dana white were his biggest stars. The Dems had more celebs on day 1. Did I miss something?

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  • Red-tailed shark compatibility?

    Hello fish hobbiests. I'm considering adding a red-tailed shark to my aquarium but I've read mixed results on their compatibility. Some say to avoid them in a community aquarium, other site say they do okay if there's only one and there's enough space. Was wondering if anyone has personal experience with a red-tailed shark in a community tank. I have a 75 gallon long tank with a handful of danios, tetras, 5 tiger barbs, about 3 corys and a gold nugget pleco (nocturnal, pretty much hides under his rock during the day). Has anybody had success with them in a community or were they problematic?

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  • Does CM punk have any wrestling/martial arts experience?

    I didn't see any in his background. At least Brock lesnar was a real wrestler before and had 30 lbs on most of his opponents. How does he (or the ufc for that matter) think he can become a professional fighter in 6 months?

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  • Downloading older PC games?

    I was thinking about trying to download older PC games on my laptop which runs on windows 7. Stuff like older Need For Speed games ect. I searched for them and most of the sites seem a little sketchy. I don't mind paying a reasonable price if need be. Can any gamers recommend a good site or place to download older PC games that are compatible with newer operating systems?

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  • Tap water for aquarium won't soften?

    So my tap water at home is quite hard and the normal tap softeners (IE top fin tap softener) don't seem to be adequate. Everytime I test the water the general hardness is still 180ppm or more (180 is the max reading on my test kit). Does anyone know why this isn't working or any other methods that help dissolve the heavy metals? I know you can buy purified water but I have a 55 gallon tank and do weekly water changes so I would rather not spend the time and money buying ten+ gallons of water a week. I'm concerned because I got a golden nugget pleco recently and I know they are sensitive to water conditions. Any tips would be appreciated.

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  • Why do people start questions out with "Athiests:"?

    And then the question has nothing to do with religion or science at all. I get that there's trolls but I've seen a pattern of questions where they start it out with that heading and then ask about oil changes or something. Is there a reason for this? Is it an attempt to move into a different category? And why?

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  • Ever bought live aquarium fish online?

    I'm considering doing it. I've always wanted a gold nugget pleco for my tank but I have yet to find a store that carries them. I'm obviously apprehensive because it's an expensive fish and even more with shipping and it seems like a risky way to purchase a fish. Has anyone ever bought live fish online? What was your experience like? Any site recommendations that you've used? Do you know any other ways to find uncommon fish such as a good nugget pleco?

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  • Ph won't lower in new aquarium?

    So I rebuilt my freshwater aquarium about a week ago. 55 gallons. So far all I've introduced are 4 tiger barbs and 2 Cory catfish. They're all doing fine but I can't seem to lower the PH level in the tank. I've used the ph lowering solution about 5 times over the last week and the ph is still testing higher than 7.6 (the max the kit can read) why isn't is going down? Do I just need more fish?

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  • Sand for a freshwater aquarium?

    I'm setting my old aquarium up. It's going to be freshwater but I had an idea of using sand instead of gravel to make it look at little less fake and maybe aittle more tropical. I was wondering if using normal beach sand would work or where people get the sand they use for their saltwater tanks, and would it effect the water quality? IE salt content. Has anyone else tried this in a freshwater tank?

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  • Notified if your answer gets a comment?

    Several times I've looked back at a question I've answered and seen that there were comments on my question that I received no notification on. Is there either a place to check for that or a way to get notified about it? Thanks Y!A community!

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  • Can your answers account get banned for getting flagged repeatedly?

    Or do they just keep taking your posts down? Seems like there's a lot of people who constantly troll the site without consequence

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  • Flagging bad questions?

    How do you flag bad questions on yahoo answers. By bad I mean questions that are willfully bigoted or clearly not serious/troller questions. I see a lot that clearly violate the community guidelines but I don't see a place to flag them

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