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  • I like using, but it has locked up for me, why?

    when i do a web search it clears the screen and locks up.

    if i switch tabs to do a image search it works fine.

    so what has happened?

    has yahoo abandoned altavista?

    im using chrome, and the normal or work as normal.

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  • I have a friend with a YMAIL address and i keep getting bad emails from them?

    This clearly is malware.

    My question is to YAHOO.

    This YMAIL service is supposed to filter out bad stuff so how is it that these emails

    are getting through? and How are they getting through to my YAHOO mail?

    they have [NO SUBJECT]

    and contain a HYPERLINK that varies, including DOUGJOHNS link, CAMPUSESTHER2011

    What anti-malware options does YMAIL support and how do i set my YAHOO mail filter

    to TRASH emails with [No Subject]

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  • Why is the ANSWERS page refreshing the Status Bar continuously?

    The status bar, showing the DONE message is flashing which tells me its continuously refreshing and its very annoying. Other fetures such as clicking the quick mail list place a different message in the statsu bar and they flash too.

    So what is wrong with Yahoo's code for this page that is causing a continuous refresh of the status bar?

    its been doing it for the last couple of days.

    refreshing the page does not help.

    There is no exclamation mark or any noticable error codes.

    visiting other pages does not give this problem.

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  • Yahoo Mail. Replying to recieved message. I dont want the original text added.?

    I have tried on my XP pc, and my VISTA pc,

    when i set Mail Options, and I untick the box that says

    When Replying & Forwarding.....Quote the text of the original message

    it does not matter how this box is set, ticked or unticked it makes no difference.

    The text of the original message is always added to my reply.

    i get a lot of email messages, i reply to lots of them

    i don't want their original text,

    I am getting a tadd miffed with the fact i have to manually delete their text.

    So what exactly is the point of offering an option that doesn't seem to do anything?

    does it only work under certain conditions?

    i await your guesses.


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  • Would A technical Person at YAHOO answer this question?

    I am getting just a bit miffed with

    I am a busy person and i like to type quickly. Your Uk home page is

    intensely annoying. I open the page and as soon as the search box appears

    and it is by default already BLANK, i start typing in and then some

    computer programmer has then chosen to FILL the box with BLANKS

    but i have already started typing. So it chops off my text just as it

    completes the page download up to 5 to 10 seconds later.

    I find this so annoying i have changed my default search engine to

    use which is now Yahoo's just to avoid this issue.

    Ok so my internet isnt the fastest, and my pc isnt the fastest either

    but it is a serious problem.

    what is your explanation of why you are BLANKing the search TEXT BOX

    when it does NOT need it?

    Is this intentional or is it linked to ADD-ons?

    I wait for your answer.

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