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65 male, software geek. Married 38 years, three grown daughters and two grandkids. Just added a new family member at Christmas, 2011, (thanks to two of our daughters). Saphira is a lavender Ocicat, here's her web page: Upate: Saphira has become such a wonderful companion, best behaved cat we have ever known, that when another cute Oci became available from the same breeder, we adopted her to give Saphira a feline friend. Viola is 18 months old and acts like a kitten. Lifelong conservative, always vote and never vote for Dimocrats. My main ways of wasting time and money are astronomy, photography, and ham radio.

  • Is anyone else angry and embarrassed that among all those world leaders in Paris marching against radical islam, Obama was absent?

    It was totally embarrassing that among all those world leaders, from Europe to the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, the man often referred to as the leader of the free world was conspicuously absent.

    I assume he had an important fundraiser that conflicted...

    Or maybe a golf game.

    His refusal to publicly acknowledge the problem for what it is, radical islam, is just another example of the cowardice and incompetence of this useless community organizer.

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  • Why the hell did the police and national guard in Ferguson not shoot the first rioters and looters and stop this destruction cold?

    The Ferguson police chief actually seemed PROUD that his men had not fired a shot! What ever became of LAW ENFORCEMENT? This was not it, this was being lily livered wimps in the face of mob violence. In an earlier day, looters will be shot on sight. What happened to that???

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  • Why the hell did the police and national guard in Ferguson not shoot the first rioters and looters and stop this destruction cold?

    The Ferguson police chief actually seemed PROUD that his men had not fired a shot! What ever became of LAW ENFORCEMENT? This was not it, this was being lily livered wimps in the face of mob violence. In an earlier day, looters will be shot on sight. What happened to that???

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  • Where were you when Apollo 11 launched 45 years ago? What are your memories of it?

    I was a 21 year old electrical engineering student and amateur astronomer, lunar observer, and amateur radio operator, and my dad was an engineer with Rocketdyne. He helped develop the J-2 engine that powered the upper two stages of the Saturn-5 moon rocket. I watched the launch on TV from our home in Palm Springs, After the launch I drove up to Mount Wilson Observatory where I assisted in attempts to observe the spacecraft on the way to the moon with the 100 inch Hooker reflector. We only had early evenings ("twilight time") for this work, as there was a regular observing program later that we could not interfere with. Not optimum conditions by any means, and we were not successful this time. After they entered lunar orbit I left the mountain and drove back home to watch the landing with my family. Summing up my feelings after the landing, I think the best description would be "very happy disbelief". For eight years the moon had been what seemed and impossible dream, and we did it on our first try! I was on a total high of course!

    I do NOT want to hear from the "we never landed on the moon" wackos, your insane fairy tales have been refuted so many times by so many experts that I don't want to waste time dealing with your profoundly ignorant babbling.

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  • Since we have proof that the White House spun the lie about that stupid video, where is the rest of the truth about Benghazi coming out?

    Since the truth is FINALLY dribbling out about how the White House intentionally spun the lie about the Benghazi attacks being inspired by that stupid video, totally for political purposes, how long will it take for the rest of the truth to come out, about such things as why the requests for increased security were not only denied, but actually REDUCED. About whether Hillary was involved in that terrible decision. About why there was no adequate military response available to bring aid to those under attack. About where Odumbo was during the attack, and what level of control he had over our pitiful response. There are many more, but this is a start.

    Here are some of the best parts from the actual email, from then-White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes to a number of high level White House personnel, including Press Secretary Jay Carney, then-White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, and then-White House Senior Advisor Davie Plouffe:

    The document lists as “Goals”:

    “To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

    “To reinforce the President and Administration’s strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challenges.”

    Nothing political here at all! Remember, the election was six weeks away!

    Had this come out then, the election would have gone differently!

    Time for impeachment yet?

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  • What will Obama propose to fix the health insurance problems that HE created and then lied about?

    All those cancellations were PLANNED and he just lied about it, over and over again.

    LYING S O B!

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  • Who else is disgusted with the way the Emmy committee ignored Larry Hagman and Jack Klugman?

    My wife and I have been complaining to each other about this since we learned that they were going to honor Cory Monteith, who neither of us had ever heard of before he killed himself with drugs, over these two greats. Lets compare:

    Monteith: Drug abuser since age 12, only "notable" acting was four years on a Glee, crappy show that nobody over 18 watches, dies of an overdose of illegal drugs at age 31. FYI, drug addiction is NOT a disease, it is a CHOICE!

    Klugman: First TV role was in 1950, numerous roles on Broadway, Films, and TV, last acting was in 2010. Since the Emmys are concerned with TV, his most memorable roles were in The Odd Couple 1970-1975 and Quincy, ME 1976-1983.

    Hagman: First TV role in 1951, like Klugman numerous roles in all three media, ending with his return as J. R. Ewing in the Dallas rebirth in 2012. His most famous TV roles were starring in I Dream of Jeannie 1965-1970, Dallas 1978-1991, and the Dallas rebirth in 2012-2013. Half of the second season had already been filmed prior to his death in 2012.

    I am outraged and incredulous over the way young overpaid under talented kids are eulogized as such wonderful people after they predictably kill themselves with drugs. Horrible role models.

    On the subject of role models, one thing I just learned about Hagman was that he married his wife Maj in 1954, and was still married to her when he died, pretty unusual in Hollyweird!

    One other great we lost this year, who while not an actor contributed hugely to literature, films, and television was author Richard Matheson, whose contributions are truly too many to list even partially here. A few highlights: His novel I Am Legend has been adapted for the screen four times. He wrote for Twilight Zone (16 episodes), The Night Stalker, and Star Trek.

    Any of these three giants stands so far above that poor pathetic little druggie as to make the Emmy committee's decision totally incomprehensible. I am guessing that this was an attempt to attract younger viewers, who probably have never heard of the three greats I mentioned.

    Who else agrees?

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  • Now that Hasan has been convicted, will Obama finally admit he was a Muslim terrorist?

    We all know why he calls it "workplace violence", it would not have been good for his party in the 2010 and 2012 elections for him to admit that the first successful radical Islamist mass terror attack since 9/11 occurred on his watch. Those elections are over, is it not time to admit that this WAS Islamist terrorism, so that the victims may receive the benefits they deserve? Does anyone really buy the lame "workplace violence" definition? Part 2: When will Obama man up and call it what it is, a war on radical Islam?

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  • Are the parents of this poor kid praying to Obama guilty of child abuse?

    Clearly it was scripted, not sure for what reason. Maybe have it go viral and make some money off of it? Or are they just so intoxicated on liberal Kool Aid that they really want him to pray to the Obamessiah?

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • As the total meltdown of Obamacare continues, isn't it time to repeal the whole stinking mess?

    Just as conservatives and really all rational people predicted, the costs to the taxpayers are skyrocketing, health insurance rates are increasing (in some cases tripling), not falling as promised, the promises Odumbo made about being able to keep your doctor or health insurance if you liked them are revealed as total lies, and it looks line "universal coverage will still eave tens of millions without insurance. And as an unintended (but totally predictable) consequence employers are either cutting back hours or laying off people to avoid the employer mandate.

    Almost forgot, the majority of voters never wanted this obamination passed, and 55% want it repealed today.

    To answer "Crazy Eyes" Nancy Pelousy: Well, you morons passed it, we see what is in it, and we hate it! Now do the right thing and repeal it!

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  • Libs: What would you do if the IRS gave special attention to any group with words like "Black"...?

    "Hispanic", "Progressive", "Gay", or "Democratic" in their names? And if the administration knew about it for two years and kept it secret?

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  • Shouldn't we tell North Korea that we will shoot down any rocket they launch that leaves their airspace?

    Pretty sure that the Aegis cruisers and destroyers in the area could do that with their SM-3 missiles. Time for Obama to put on his big boy pants and behave like the leader of the free world, not a rock star looking to be popular with everyone.

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  • Do criminal cardinal Mahony and other church leaders who shielded pedophile priests belong in prison?

    Their acts undoubtedly led to many more children being abused, since they never tuned these molesters over to the authorities, but merely moved them around from parish to parish. The Church in Los Angeles has paid over $600,000,000 in damages to those harmed by these monsters. Pretty sure that a large part of why they were so generous was to silence the victims and protect criminals like Mahony from prosecution.

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  • Are libs upset because the muderer who abducted the kid in Alabama assumed room temperature?

    I think it was a great outcome, the poor child was rescued unharmed, and the crazy SOB who killed that heroic bus driver then kidnapped the boy got what he deserved. And we saved the cost and emotional suffering for all the innocents that a trial for that POS would have entailed. Sounds like a WIN-WIN to me!

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  • He is a constitutional expert: Court- Obama's Bypass of Congress To Fill Labor Jobs Unconstitutional?

    I thought he taught constitutional law, and was this brilliant legal mind. How did he so fail to understand the constitutional requirements for recess appointments? And does this give us some insight into how he views his powers?

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  • Why while campaigning did Odumbo keep talking about raising taxes on "millionaires and billionaires"?

    But now he will not accept the Republican bill that raises taxes on incomes over $1,000,000, but insists on the threshold of $200,000. In many areas with high living costs is clearly just middle class. Most small businesses also file as individual taxpayers, and a business earning $200,000 is NOT a millionaire either. And of course most new jobs are created by small business, but that makes no difference to him, the only jobs he cares about are his own, those of other dimocraps, and those of his thug union supporters. Of course, what do we expect from the liar in chief?

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  • In light of all the recent school tragedies, should teachers and staff be firearms trained and armed?

    Columbine, Virginia Tech, now Newtown, CT... very nice town, visited there once...

    Could some of this senseless carnage been reduced or prevented if all teachers and staff were required to have firearms training and have firearms available to them? As a parent and grandparent, sounds like a good idea to me. Extreme maybe, but I am willing to go to some extremes to save more kids from this kind of tragedy.

    Don't give me the "more gun control" mantra, no way to put this genie back in the bottle. If we stopped ALL firearms sales today, there are still 270,000,000 in private hands. Anyone willing to take some risks will be able to find the weapons they seek.

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  • Where is the criticism from Odumbo for Rep. Douglas Geiss's hate speech?

    If a Republican had threatened blood in the streets like Geiss did, the administration and their cheerleaders in the lamestream media would be all over him, but all I hear is silence...

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  • Since liberals are "pro choice", what about choices like whether or not to join a labor union?

    Or what kind of light bulbs to use, what car to drive, or what kind of shopping bag to use? Are these not also valid choices we should be allowed to make?

    How about choices about health care, about how much to spend on health insurance, or even whether we wish to have it?

    Or can we only make politically correct choices, approved by the progressive elites?

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