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  • Honest opinion now please ?

    Iv just been fitted with denture s after years of pAin with crumbing teeth I feel like Ther look to big iv posted a pic to seek a honest opinion please 

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  • Would a guy date a girl with a denture ?

    Hi I’m 43 and have a full upper denture what looks really good iv had problems all my life with my teeth crumbling and breaking away after a metal bar hit me in the mouth what I wud really like to know is would a guy date a woman who where’s denture s ? As iv got it in my head ther Wudnt and wud find it disgusting I’m very self conscious about this please be honest looking at my pic as I feel like a horse and that everyone is looking at me thank u 

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  • Is the age gap to much ?

    Hi iv meet this really lovely and great guy but the problem is the age gap I’m 44 and he’s 58 do you think it’s to much of a gap it don’t matter to us but I’m worried wot people might think 

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  • What’s my daughter s problem with me ? ?

    Hi I’m

    A single mam of a 18 yeah old daughter who iv brought up on my own as her dad made it clear he didn’t want a baby or me so left when I was 3 months pregnant iv always done the best I can for her helped her in every way possible but the last few months her attitude towards me as changed it’s like I can’t do nothing right talks to me like I’m something on the bottom of her shoe to be honest it really hurts I’m crying as I’m writing this only few months back me and her was playing fighting haven’ a laugh when she get serious and turned on me taken swings at me my sister had to step in I honestly feel like she hates me and why I don’t know all iv every done is the best for her her whole attitude is terrible she don’t drink and don’t take drugs we both work but off work at the moment because of virus only this morning I asked her wud she loan me 10 till I get paid Monday and as she’s just just got paid her reply was no I don’t lend money it’s honestly really hurt me wot have I done that’s so wrong ? 

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  • Bank problem s?

    Hi it’s a long story I’m at my wits end iv been with Lloyd s bank for 4 years had no problems at all with this bank wages went it 7 days ago I paid my bills using my card as I always do in the meantime I sold make up pallet on free for sale for 45 pound the lady seid cud she pay back transfer as it was best for her I agreed my sister posted it off for me as I had a bug and was feeling rotten she sent it normal post but didn’t keep the receipt now the buyer is saying she didn’t reseve the make up and as been in touch with her bank to say she’s been scammed what is totally untrue it was sent my bank as since blocked my account and all my pending transactions as be put back in my account ther didn’t go through wot means my bills haven’t been paid out of my wages iv got in touch with my bank and asked them to refund her even though I sent it but ther seid that it takes 48 hours to renew so now I have all my bill money from my wages sitting in my account and my account is blocked any advice would be appreciated as anyone gone though this kind of thing before I’m worried sick the police will get involved over 45 pound I’m willing to refund her even tho the package was posted 

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  • Does he just want fun?

    Hi iv been seeing this guy for 4 months it’s going very well we see each other 3 or 4 times a week and we both enjoy and get on great the problem is he’s made it clear he’s not looking for marriage or to move in with anybody and don’t want kids that’s fine by me as I have a teenage daughter and don’t want anymore kids he says he just wants us to enjoy life with me go on weekends away and on holidays but he’s not looking to live with anybody don’t get me wrong I like him and he tells me he likes me to and we r both fateful but my question is is this all just a waist of time we r both 40 so not kids like wot I mean is ther any point to all this if he don’t want commitment? Or should I just call it a day and stay friends ? Anybody else experienced this

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  • I’m I waisting my time with this guy?

    Hi I just want some advice really iv been seeing this guy who iv known for years we started texting on Facebook and just went from ther he don’t live far from me we have been seeing each other for 2 months the problem is I want to find someone to settle down with now we r both 41 so far from kids but he’s made it clear he not looking to settle down just wants to carry on seeing me and go on holidays ect says we will still be like this tens years down the line do u honestly think it’s worth it or I’m I waisting my time

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  • Is my boss being unreasonable?

    Hi iv been working in my job for 10 years love it and a great bunch of people but the problem is my boss the owner he’s 46 and I’m 40 I did have a one night stand with him years ago he’s divorced iv done a lot for him as we r also good friends to don’t get me wrong he can be a nice guy but he loaned me 300 for Christmas seid pay him back when I can I offered 200 last week he talked to me like **** even though he don’t need the money saying I’m taken the piss not offering the full 300 back even though iv done a lot for him blocking he’s phone when he’s wife found out he was haven a affair lied to he’s wife for him and he talks to me like **** I feel as if I’m being blackmailed to be honest maybe. I sud report him for sexual abuse in work place after all the pics and videos he’s sent me any advice how to deal with this situation please don’t judge thanks in advance

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  • Have I let my daughter down ?

    Hi Im a single mam my beautiful daughter is 17 her dad left when I was pregnant and never seen or had any connection with him since he left iv brought my daughter up on my own it’s been hard both physically and financially but I Wudnt change it I work 30 hours a week pay half towards rent gas ect all out of my wage but the part that’s worrying me is my brother with as 2 teenage girls is always telling me wot cars he’s girls is having one as a brand new car. He knows I can’t afford to even pay for lessons never mind a new car I can’t help thinking iv let let my daughter down trust me she don’t say anything but deep down she most think it she’s not working st the moment but trying hard to find a job I’m I a bad parents iv honestly tryed my best thanks in advance xx

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  • Should I tell he’s wife?

    Hi need advice I work in a shopup village and noticed for the past year this guy passing a lot trying to talk to me he seemed like a nice guy we got chatting and I found out he’s a police guy told me he was single and we swopped numbers we have chatted a lot texting talking on phone and him sending me very rude texts anyway to cut long story short he text me this morning telling me he’s actually married with kids I honestly have no idea that he was he just wants to stop texting now so I told him I was going to show he’s wife he’s texts he’s begging me not to saying she will divorce him wot do I do tell her or not

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  • Can Apple reset my phone with only imei number?

    Hi my iPhone 5 as been lost iv got a feeling it’s been stolen anyway it was my own phone and I had a sim only deal in it the problem is iv cancelled the sim and the phone as got a pass code on I don’t remember the Apple ID or password as it was a spare phone I hardly used it’s full of pics of holiday s and stuff wot I need to know if the parson who stole it can get past the pass code to see my pics and stuff ? Is this possible also Apple support told me ther can factory restore the phone with imei number is this true will ther need the phone? Thanks in advance

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  • Locked out of my iPhone?

    Hi iv just found my old iPhone 5 trouble is iv forgotten my 4 digit pass code and my Apple ID and password for that phone is ther anyway of getting pass this task as ther is lots of old pics I wud like to see help wot do I do any shops that can do it

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  • Is my boss being unreasonable?

    Hi I’ve worked for the same company for 13 years and love my job always get on really well with my boss husband and wife he’s in he’s mid 40s I’m 40 he likes the lady’s putting it mildly last year he trued it on with me but I rejected him since then he’s been playfully slapping my *** as he walks past and for the past few months he’s been sending me pics of he’s manhood and even a video of him playing with himself why I don’t know I’ve never been with him nor will I every I know some of the woman he is seeing but wots really pissing me off is the last to weeks everything that as gone wrong in work I’m getting blame for and I’m not even the manager he says things like I can’t stand to look at u I don’t want to tell he’s wife about him as she’s obvious to wot he’s like so I told him I was looking for a new job and I’m not leaving quitely as I will tell everybody ur dirty washing I’m thinking of handing him a law suit do u think I’m in the right or should I just leave it

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  • Does he like me or just want to be friends?

    Hi I'm very confused at the moment me and this guy started going out few months back iv known him for 15 years but never looked at him in any other way but friends he asked my mate for my number and we started talking texting talking on phone etc next thing I know we was dating things was going ok until we had a row over something stupid we decided to stay friends but he still texts and calls me every day and as asked me to go for a drink yesterday he come to my works to give me a lift home supposed to be as friends wot I don't get is from wot iv seid do u think this guy wants to be just friends or more as I'm so confused it's not like we r kids both in early 30s lol thanks in advance

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  • Could I be pregnant?

    Hi I just need some advice please as I'm worried sick I'm terrified I could be pregnant I got my period as normal last month had sex a week after with my new guy who had the snip last year we didn't use anything but I haven't yet got my period this month I know ther is still 2 weeks left in this month and chances r slim of me being pregnant but I can't help but worry I'm getting all the signs of my period starting sore breast s white descharge tired and belly bloated wot do u all think souls I be worried thanks in advance

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  • Aztec bingo withdrawals help?

    Hi just needed some advice I started playing Aztec online bingo I deposited 10 pound and won £400 I withdraw it to my bank about 5pm Tuesday today is Thursday just wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to show in my bank as I have no idea it's approved ther end thanks in advance

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  • Do I deserve to be happy?

    Hi I'm a 40 year old single mam been on my own for 8 years had the odd date but nothing major iv spent the last 15 years of my life bringing my daughter up on my own as her dad made it clear he didn't want her so when I seid I was keeping baby he left haven't seen him since I was happy but felt lonely until I got talking to this lovely guy who comes in my works we got talking and swooped number s we tact most of the day he's divorced with 3 kids he wants to take me out for a nice meal and I really want to go but I know my daughter wud not be happy about me meeting a man as it's always been me and her but the thing is I really like this man never felt like this in along time wot sud I do stay single to keep my daughter happy or meet him

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  • Is my boss being unreasonable?

    Hi iv been in my work place for 5 years and love my job apart from my boss don't get me wrong he can be good and a very nice guy apart from the fact he's married and haven a affair with a woman who's also married this woman does not try to hide the fact that she's seeing him often comes to my works and gos upstairs with him the problem is my boss expects us staff to cover for him hide he's no 2 moble phone if he's wife happens to call in wot I think is unfair the latest one was to days ago he asked me to work a ex day I seid yes but because he's bit on the side as twisted a conversation between me and her on Facebook he cut my day wot I think is totally unfair to be honest ther is a terrible atmosphere in work and to be honest I don't want to be ther anymore he's even tryed it on with me sending me nawty pictures and smacking my bum in work

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  • Wot as happened to my smart daughter?

    Hi my daughter is 15 and iv brought her up on my own as her dad didn't want any of us wot was fine by us she as never missed out or wanted for nothing always been very good in school planning on doing hair and Makr up in college in Sep but she's made friends with 4 kids in school iv notched the change in her her attitude the cheek lives on the phone had her teacher call down today to tell me about her attitude towards her and stuff in school the I can't be assed attitude teacher seid she does nothing only gives attitude all day and lives on her phone wot do I do though do I take the phone off her ground her ?any advice wud be greatful as I'm at my wits end

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  • Souls I pay my ex back?

    Right to cut along story short I was with my ex for 8 months when I found out he was cheating and telling me he loved me at the same time we split as once a cheater always a cheater it hurt but I finally got over him and moved on then on news years day I had a very long inbox off him saying he still loved me and can we meet and talk new year new start and all that bull I agreed but after afew days of texting he stopped dead a week later my best mate told me he put on facebook he was in a relationship with this new woman hurt is a understatement but trouble is I owe him 400 as he paid my vet bill I'm tempted to say ur not getting a penny after the way he's treated me he don't need the money it's packet change to him wot do u guys think he's never been in touch since or ask for it back

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