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  • nintendo switch indie game?

    i think i may have seen a trailer or promo for this game, but i can't remember the title. i've looked through the eshop on the switch as well as nintendo's youtube account but couldn't find it.

    so i think it's a game about delivering food, probably pizza, to friendly monsters. kinda gave me a bit of an undertale vibe, i think some of the game might be about making friends with the monster characters. it had a pixel art style i'm fairly certain, but with pretty and fairly complex sprites, it definitely wasn't trying to look like it was an old game - no color or size restrictions to the sprites.

    i thought it was no delivery, but that's a completely different game from the trailer i'm thinking of, so i know for sure it is not no deliver. i feel like deliver or delivery is in the title somewhere though.

    any ideas? this game is from this year, so it had to have been announced/released within the past 4 months

  • Is there a way to filter out campus rentals on craigslist?

    I'm looking for a new rental, but because i live near a college town, there's a ton of spam with campus housing and things where you get one room in a big house.

    I know there's not much I can do about those listings on realty sites, but is there a way to filter them out when looking at craigslist?

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  • laptop screen/top half misaligned?

    i just now noticed, but one of the hinges that holds the top screen in place is misaligned, preventing me from closing my laptop. is it possible just to shove it back into the socket or is there something else i should do that would be safer?

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  • Why do some muslim girls wear the hijab and makeup?

    I don't mean to offend anyone, but i've wondered about this after seeing some muslim girls on youtube and tumblr. from what i understand, the hijab is to protect a girl's modesty and to stop men from looking at her with lust. so why do some girls wear makeup along with their hijab?

    the point of makeup is to make yourself look better and to attract more attention, so i feel like it's at odds with the point of the hijab. i know kohl is permitted around the eyes as well as henna, but i mean more like thicker eyeliner and mascara that draws a lot of attention as well as things like bright lipstick. at that point, why even wear a hijab at all? i feel like makeup makes you look more sexual than just having your hair showing.

    i'm totally fine with muslim girls dressing how they like, i just don't understand the sort of hypocrisy of following some of islam's modesty rules/guideline, but not all of them.

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    how to make purse strap adjustable?

    i bought a cross body purse and i really like it, but the strap is too long. the purse sits below my hip, but i'd rather have it on my hip. the straps are not adjustable, so my mom offered to modify it for me. she bought D rings and plans to take the strap off, add the rings, and sew it back on. it's a fake leather sort of material btw. but she's not really sure exactly what she should do and wants to know exactly what to do before she does it.

    so is it possible to make an adjustable strap with D rings? or do we need something else? i don't want to tie the strap or do that thing where you fold the strap and tie it with a scarf, i think that looks dumb.

  • what puzzle game is this?

    there's a puzzle game i really like, but i can't remember what it was called so i can't find it anywhere to play it again. i always called it pearls and oysters, but i guess that's not it.

    the game has black and white circles on a grid. the goal of the game is to make one, unbroken loop that goes through all the circles while fulfilling the requirements that each color has; the line must bend at at least one end after going through a white circle, and the line must go straight for two squares when going through a black circle, making an L shape with the corner being where the line hits the circle.

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  • How would I line a real fox fur purse?

    About 4 years ago I bought a purse made of scrap fox fur that was left over from a project the artisan was doing. It's a beautiful purse and the fur feels very high quality. However the purse is unlined, it's just the tanned fox pelt sewn into a soft, unstructured purse. I would like to add a satin or other sort of lining to the purse because in these four years I've never worn it for fear of damaging the pelt with things like keys. It's just been a wall decoration. I've never worked with fur before, nor am I good at sewing, and I'm afraid of ruining the pelt by trying to do this myself.

    Is there a simple way to line a purse like this that I'm overlooking? Or, if this needs to be done by someone with more experience, where would I go for that? I don't have any contract information for the person I bought it from and I am not aware of anyone that works with fur in my area and could help me with this. I live in the Willamette Valley in Oregon if it helps.

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  • What happens when an un-nicknamed pokemon from another language evolves?

    i recently got a japanese rowlet from the gts in ultra sun. it's not nicknamed, but since it's from japan it uses the japanese name for the pokemon, モクロー

    when it evolves into dartrix, will the name change to dartrix since it was never actually nicknamed? would it be フクスロー since it's japanese? or would it keep the japanese name for rowlet because my game is in english?

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  • Can a mentally retarded person be charged with a crime if they assaulted me?

    So the other day my mom and I were in the store and ahead of us in the checkout line were a large man and a small woman. i didn't realize at the time, but the man was retarded (i don't know if it was downs or severe autism, i didn't look at his face) and started freaking out. the woman tried to control him but she couldn't, so she led the man down out of the line and as she did, the man slammed both me and my mom against the checkout belt thing. it hurt a lot, but we didn't do anything since it's one of those situations where even if you are right, people will still hate you and say you're wrong

    this isn't the first time something like this has happened (the downs box boy once told my mom to die because she declined help out to her car). both of us are sick of it. my question is, if something like this should happen again, some sort of violence or assault, could we press charges? if it were a normal person i know we could, but are the retarded not responsible for their crimes? is it like a dog bite case where the dog isn't convicted but the owner/handler is for not being in control? i'm sorry if my language is insensitive, but i want to be clear and tiptoeing around what i'm trying to ask won't help.

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  • Can't get platinum medal in dedede's drum dash stage 2 in kirby triple deluxe?

    no matter how many times i play the second stage, i can only get gold. i don't understand what i'm doing wrong, i'm getting all four bonuses each time; all coins, back beat perfect, within the time limit, and no damage. the first stage i got platinum no problem by doing the above, why is this stage different? is there another requirement for platinum in this stage like score?

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  • Between Ocarina of Time 3d and Majora's Mask 3d, which is the better remake?

    I have both OoT and MM on the n64, but I'd like one of them for my 3ds as well since sometimes i want to play at night and don't want to bother other people by hogging the tv (we only have one, so if i'm playing, no one can watch tv). I find both games pretty easy and the water temple in OoT is very easy to me, so I don't really consider making it even easier in the remake a plus. I'm mostly wondering which has the most extra content from the original and if there are any challenge modes for either of them.

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  • aquarium decoration colors?

    I've been researching and I think I would like to get a betta when I have the time, money, and space for all the supplies (i'll most likely be getting a 5 gallon tank and only have the betta in it). But when I was thinking of how I'd like to decorate it, I think I'd like to use a lot of pretty colors like blue, purple, and pink rather than the green, brown, and grey that most tanks have (although the plants i get will most likely be green).

    Will an unnatural color scheme bother or irritate a betta? I'm not sure how sensitive they are to color and I wouldn't want to annoy or harm my fish for the sake of a pretty tank. I know they can be aggressive towards brightly colored fish, but I don't know if the same would happen if they saw pink gravel or something like that. I've looked online about how to decorate a betta tank, but none of them use a lot of unnatural colors nor do they mention if you should or shouldn't.

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  • How to beat metal kor in jak II?

    I cannot seem to kill metal kor no matter what i try. I have no ammo for any gun except the yellow gun (so no peace maker ammo) and i never got the dark giant power so I can't do that one glitch. Is it even possible to kill him with only the yellow gun?

    I know about spin kicking and shooting and about holding the button to get a free dark jak transformation at the start of the fight, but I can only get to his third phase at best and by that point I only have a hit or two left.

    Like an idiot, I saved at the start of the fight, so I cannot go back to get more supplies or more orbs for the infinite ammo cheat. Do I have to start this game over?

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    what type of succulent is this?

    i purchased this succulent a while back but it was unlabeled. it seems to be doing well under my care, but i want to know specifically what it is so i can give it the best possible care. i've looked on my own, but i haven't seen any that have this sort of spiral and are also fuzzy

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  • Will I be able to work at a department store if I'm not pretty?

    I know this is a silly question stemming from my insecurities, but I've been wondering this lately. I wouldn't say i'm ugly, but I'm definitely not sexy. I'm cute. I'm short, curvy (not fat, I'm around 130 pounds), I have glasses, short hair, and I don't wear a lot of make up (foundation, mascara, and lipstick at most. i cannot do eyeliner to save my life). I look like a freshman in high school, but not like a freshman in high school that you'd see on television or in movies.

    Every time I go into a nice department store that I'd like to work at, I feel like I wouldn't get hired there because I don't have than long, lean, and sexy look like so many of the female employees and customers have. Sometimes I even feel too intimidated to shop there because I feel like the store isn't for people like me.

    So is this probably all in my head or not? Do you often see cute but not sexy girls working in department stores?

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  • How to stop rushing noise in my ear?

    For the past week I've had a rushing noise in my right ear. I'm pretty sure it's the sound of my blood because it's not a constant noise, it's pulsing, and if I put my thumb on my neck the noise gets quieter. The noise is driving me insane, I've only been able to sleep every other day because by then I'm so exhausted that I fall asleep before the noise starts to bother me. I can't listen to music in bed to distract myself either since I don't have an mp3 player and my phone doesn't play music.

    I'm pretty sure it's tinnitus, but I don't know what to do about it, nor why I have it. This has never happened to me before. I'm only 19 so I doubt it's hearing loss. I don't listen to loud music and I rarely use asprin or any other sort of medication. I haven't been doing anything differently than I usually do and I haven't been stressed lately.

    I am going to the doctor about this, but is there anything I can do in the meantime?

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