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I am a middle aged divorced Englishman working at a major UK airport. My passions are languages (especially Spanish) and music - oh, and replying to a lot of damn-fool silly questions (and a few good ones) on Yahoo Answers...

  • Does any know the Lyrics of"Colour My World" or know whereI can find them?

    I'm looking for the lyrics of "Colour My World" in the version that features in "Priscilla Queen of the Desert". Does anyone know them or know where I can find them? I am particularly anxious to get hold of the words the ladies sing in the second verse,as well as the words of the bridge (after the key change). These do not feature in the originalPetula Clark version (of which I already have the lyrics). Thanks.

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  • More about Yes and No....?

    Further to a recent question about similar words for yes and no in different languages, "νάι" (pronounced "neh") means "Yes" in Greek, whilst in two neighbouring countries, Macedonia and Bulgaria, "Hе" (transliterated "Ne" and pronounced the same way as νάι) - means "No"; confusingly both "νάι" and "Не" are likely to be accompanied by a nod. (s a matter of interest, the word "ne" (still pronounced "neh") also exists in 2 other countries neighbouring Greece, Turkey, where it means "what" and Albania, where it means "We, us". Does any one elso know of other instances of similar words having opposing meanings in contiguous regions?

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