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My name is Xiao and I live in Ontario - I respect all religious people - whether from my religion or from another religion - whether my denomination or from another - I think racial diversity should be celebrated

  • Is it arrogant to write books teaching people things ?

    If I don’t right instructional books I will need another way to make money

    Maybe I can turn my instructional writing into artistic poetry

    Or sell paintings 

    Or write music

    Or work as a life coach for troubled children with the parents paying for my services 

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  • Have you ever gotten a warning in a dream ?

    I had a nightmare months ago telling me I would be destroyed if I chose to hang out with evil people

    Last night I had another nightmare a guy I could not identify who might have been God was screaming at me saying

    “I warned you! Get out of my way!”

    What do you think it means? 

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  • Are men programmed to like religious girls ?

    I know a lot of religious girls who get guys way out of their league 

    But maybe the guy wants a girl who won’t give him drama 

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  • What do you think of religious name droppers ?

    People who mention God over and over again to win friends and dates and gifts and favours and job promotions from people

    I could do that too - I know the bible well enough to attract rich and beautiful people 

    And I’m funny enough to attract billionaires - I might be the funniest person on earth

    But I chose to be honest and modest 

    Like when Hailey Bieber’s mom was chased by one of the richest male celebrities and rejected him cause she had a husband even though she worked very hard for very little money 

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  • Is gluttony for lazy people ?

    When I was working I didn’t care about tasty food at all and only ate around 1800 calories a day - had the same breakfast and lunch 5-7 days a week

    When I wasn’t working I would look for ways to indulge my appetite - even if it was just some ham and cheese wrapped in a pita bread or a $2.00 serving of pop corn - to me that was more pleasurable than a trip to Las Vegas or Hawaii

    When I worked - I cared only for health and taste was never a consideration 

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  • Do university students have time to socialize ?

    My first year in university I constantly socialized and got Ds

    My last 2.5 years I didn’t socialize at all other than bible study at school once a week and prayer before class and maybe an additional bible study a few times a month

    And I got straight As

    I did a survey of people who went to college and less than 8 percent of men said they preferred the social to the academic when they were in school

    There were exceptions but I had many positive social experiences in school that evolved me as a person 

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  • Is it weird to not have a vision if your religious?

    I’ve always had a vision for my life whether it was going on vacations or dining at restaurants or becoming rich or being beautiful or marrying the man of my dreams

    Now I don’t have a vision for my life 

    I used to visualize me getting my old job back post CoVid but I don’t see that happening anymore

    Now that my life vision is gone I have difficulty sleeping - sometimes tossing and turning until 9 am 

    I think the things I want are good - to publish 14 + 20 books

    But I’m trying to do it at such a fast pace that it feels like a chore and a burden and not like a delightful experience 

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  • How do I deal with life stories?

    It occurred to me that if my books are published and I’m famous that people are going to seek me out for interviews - I am not sure what I should disclose to the world if I become a public figure - I already have four celebrities in my family though they are famous in China and not North America and I have 9 professors in my family where the average iq in my family and extended family is 145 so haters - don’t mock somebody you don’t know!!! - for the rest of you - how would I tell my story if I achieve celebratory status? 

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  • Why would you say there are more non fiction writings famous than fiction ?

    Fiction is far more interesting than non fiction

    And guys like Jordan Peterson have shown that psychological structures manifest themselves in fiction and offer the fiction reader real solutions to their emotional and mental complexes

    So if fiction is just as useful if not more useful than non fiction

    As well as being more interesting

    Why do you think the majority of New York Times Best Sellers and Book Purchases are directed towards non fiction books? 

    Religious Books also sell but only to those theologically oriented to the bias of the masses which is usually almost always wrong if not always wrong 

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  • How do you feel about your gender ?

    I’m a woman and I feel like I’m good at all the social things men are supposed to be good at

    I’m Honest 






    Good at selling myself


    Not influenced by others




    Able to Read People 

    But I’m not good at the things woman are supposed to be good at

    High Pain Tolerance



    Good Listener


    Health Conscious





    Good at Multi Tasking

    Doesn’t Complain

    I’ve had so many guys mock me for not acting like a woman 

    I’ve been teaching myself patience for 8 years now and I still think the average person is more patience than me 

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  • Have you ever wanted to go to an Ivy League school ?

    I’ve never been to one but I thought I could recreate the Ivy League experience by producing 16 pages of high quality writing a day that’s edited and well researched while also reading and analyzing 200-300 pages a day so that I can produce 14 three hundred page books in 2


    Than I want to write 40 high quality one page poems each day while also reading 400 pages a day for inspiration and basing the poems 20 different topics a day every day or weekday for 2 years Than I will have an Ivy League equivalent education without going to an Ivy League school 

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  • Do you agree with Anne Frank here?

    She said nobody has ever gone poor by giving

    And a guy told me when you give you always end up with more than what you had before

    The bible backs that up - that some are generous and always have a surplus and others are stingy and can barely survive even though they never share or give - even to their own family or children 

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  • How do you understand Luke 12:21?

    Jesus says the one who is rich in possessions but not in religion will lose everything he has worked for

    Every rich person I know who did not worship God was corrupted by their wealth

    My parents both came from rich families in China and they are some of the most corrupt people you could possibly imagine

    Every rich person in my family has a disgusting personality except for two guys I know who were raised by very religious and God fearing mothers 

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  • What could have caused last night and this mornings nausea?

    a) I cried last night which might have led to stress and anxiety

    b) I consumed high amounts of matcha and dairy

    c) I consumed high amounts of caffeine

    d) I took a vitamin E supplement

    e) I drank too much water leading to water nausea 

    f) I ate low calorie this morning and last night

    g) the transition from low carb to high carb in one abrupt meal

    h) rapid weight loss too quick 

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  • Should I wash dishes if I have a cut on my hand?

    If I don’t wash them my dad will yell at me for a week

    I’m worried getting chemicals into my cut hands will lead to skin cancer 

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  • Do you get annoyed with those who act like their way is better?

    I’m trying to lose weight but I do it mainly by buying supplements

    I’m buying turmeric and garlic capsules and green tea and chia seeds

    Instead of blueberries and avocados and sea food and chicken

    And a lady rebuked me for not investing in my health when I said I could not afford full throttle nutritional delicacies from the grocery store 

    And I said I did not have time to exercise because I was so invested in my devotional activities and book writing and evangelism

    And she told me I was not living a responsible life for acting like anything was more imperfect than bodily contouring and health 

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  • How do you view my take on Matthew 6:30-34?

    What I’m thinking is God might be saying he will give you want not when you chase what you want but when you chase after what He wants for your life 

    So if your let’s say called to be a fire fighter and you do the job your called for

    Than God will give you the wife you want and the home you want and the children you want and the in laws you want

    But if your called to work as a fire fighter and you chose to work as a bar tender or male stripper 

    You’ll get a bad wife and a bad home and bad children and bad in laws 

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  • Is this qualification good enough for grad school ?

    I’m trying to write 14 books at the same time - 13 on religious psychology and 1 on religious philosophy

    I figure this qualification will help me get into the grad program for psychotherapy even though I got Ds in my first year of school which lowered my combined overall GPA average 

    I got straight As in my last 2.5 years at school and 2 of those years were full time studies 

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