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  • How do I take a rooster away from hens?

    We wanted to start raising backyard chickens. We got four chickens, three are hens, and one is a rooster. We aren't allowed to have roosters in town and we are close to our neighbors. Our rooster is extremely loud, so we have to get rid of him. We have a lady who has chickens and she can take him. But my question is, will the hens be depressed or something when we take him away? Will our rooster act differently at his new home? I just don't want to overly stress them out. 

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  • Why does one of my five week old chicks still have fluff on her head?

    We have four five week old chicks. Two (a buff orphington and an ameraucana) are the size they should be at this age. We have one bantam who is also pretty big, but I know they're supposed to be smaller. But we have one more buff orphington who is just so small. She's the same size as the bantam. She has these beautiful long feathers but her head is still covered in fluff, while the others are fully feathered. Is this normal in some chicks? Are some just late to getting their feathers? I'm just worried she won't be okay in the coop when we move them out soon.

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  • Can chick antibiotics & vitamins be put together?

    We got some antibiotics and vitamins for a chicks. Some sneeze a lil too much, and one is stunted in her growth. We got some to be able to put in their water, but can the antibiotics and vitamins be put together in the same water? Or is it safe to do it on separate days?

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  • Are chickens allowed in Oxford NC?

    I live in Oxford (Granville County) NC, and we have some chicks we're raising to be backyard chickens. We know that three of the chicks are hens, but one might be a rooster. I just wanted to know if roosters are allowed to be in Oxford city limits or if we have to get rid of it. And if anyone knows, the laws on keeping backyard chickens in Oxford?

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  • Chick has broken toe?

    We got some chicks two weeks ago to raise into backyard chickens. We only have four, and they're all pretty comfortable with each other. Other than the occasional squabble and flying around each other. Anyways, one of my Buff Orphington chicks is so much smaller than the other, and they're all the same age. The others are all moving to roosting on the sticks we have for them, but this little Orphington walks right under them. I checked her toes and one is pretty red, and looks swollen. She doesn't curl it when holding on to me like she does her other toes. I tried pressing on her opposite toe and she did nothing, when I pressed on the red one she jerked it out of my hand. Is this normal in chicks? Does she need to go to the vet? Or will it just grow a bit deformed? It's not all 90 degree angle type stuff, it's just a little bent.

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  • Are Poinsettia's poisonous to chicks?

    We have some chicks in a brooder that we recently got to raise into backyard chickens. We had a poinsettia that was from December. It was dying so we decided to take it outside, and one of the petals fell off into the brooder. One of our chicks took the petal in her mouth. I pulled it away from her, but she had a bit left, and before I could get it all away, she ate it.

    Will she be okay? She's only a few days old, but really active and eats and drinks regularly. And it was only a small part, probably not even an inch big.

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  • Do dogs know to protect baby animals?

    I know that dogs are generally more gentle with human babies, but are they the same with other species' babies?

    We recently got some chicks that we're raising to be backyard chickens. They're in a brooder in our living room, which is closed off.

    We let our 9 yr old boxer into the living room and he would just stick his head over the plastic tub and watch the chicks. When we tried to get him to leave, he'd refuse. Now he sits at the two doors that go into the living room, and when we go to see the chicks, he gets up and tries to come with us.

    He's a gentle dog, but gets excited. He's never been aggressive, again, he just gets excited.

    So if we were to watch tv in the living room, do you guys think he'd try and hurt the chicks if he was left unattended for a sec? We want him to get used to them so when they're older and outside, he won't try and hurt them when he goes out.

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    Can my crested gecko last in a small container overnight?

    Hi, so I’m doing a full makeover for my year old created gecko’s tank. I used some expanding foam and he won’t be able to stay in the tank. I don’t have any other tanks, as he is my only reptile. I’ve had him in a small, maybe three inch tall container with holes for breathing and a paper towel for humidity. I’ve already fed him and hand given him water, do you guys think he’ll be ok overnight while the foam is curing? 

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  • I'm painting my room, what should I do with my crested gecko?

    I'm remodeling my bedroom, and we're going to be painting it. Is it safe for my crested gecko to stay in the room, or should I move him out completely until the paint dries?

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  • How do I clean an immensely dirty fish tank?

    A friend recently gave me her fish that she didn't want anymore. It was about 4 albino cory catfish. These guys were severely neglected and the plants she had had hitchhiker snails on them, so the whole tank was overrun. The fish lived in the dark for a long time and go absolutely crazy if there is any bright light. She would just pour a bunch of flakes into the tank and the cories would just eat that. The water is foggy and orange and the filter is completely brown with snails stuck inside and out. I'm pretty sure that there's a dead fish somewhere in the tank, maybe two. I've only seen two of the cories "active". I don't want these fish to die. Can someone help? Sorry for typing so much.

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  • What size Dubia Roach for a baby/juvenile/adult Crested Gecko?

    I have a baby Crested Gecko and I'm planning to get Dubia Roaches as another food source along with the CGD diet. This is my first reptile and my first time housing insects. I've done research on the insect, but I just can't find any info on what size roach a baby Crested Gecko can have. I would also like to know what size roach is appropriate for a juvenile and adult as well.

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