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I used to like Toyotas but now I have two drivers to watch and one ain't a Toyota driver, anymore and same with the other. I got excited about 'em when they were at 'Dega in April 2011, as one was leadin' fer a while and the other finished 10th. They switched places on my driver list. I can't wait to see how they do! They're younger than me, but within a year and half of my age. I'm 23 and watch racin' on Fox and ABC, usually with my dad. I thought Dodges were no good. Doesn't Often Do Good Ever. I found out why they sucked,the front end. I decided not to be Are Toyota racers duds because of how I feel about Dodge. I don't like Chyrslers. Dumpin' Toyotas and pickin' up that used to be Toyota driver was the best thing I coulda done. I feel like I gained more than I lost, at least in part 'cause some of the Toyota drivers have problems and my ex-Toyota drivers would never act like that, I think. I believe in the future of NASCAR.

  • What's the line between '90's and '00's kid?

    I consider '93-'96 late '90's/early '00's kid territory since they might have vague memories of the '90's and been exposed to '90's kid things from older siblings and cousins if they had those. For example, these straddlers might have listened to NYSNC when they were kids, but know Animal Crossing, too. I consider those born late '80's earliest '90's (before '93) to be straight '90's kids, but may know '00's kid stuff from younger relatives, the inside out, upside down and backwards of the above scenario. Those born after '96 up to the mid '00's are the '00's kids, though the end 3 years would be late '00's/early '10's kids, by my formula.

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  • Is a joint venture car, like Geos, Vibes, Saturns/Honda, Ford/Mazda or Chrysler/Mitsubishi products rice burner or not?

    Geos and Vibes were GM/Japanese joint ventures and I read some Chryslers had Mitsubishi parts. Some Saturns had Honda engines. I think Mazda built some cars for Ford or some such, so in my family we called Mazda Japanese Fords, once. However, the cars carried Geo (later Chevy), Pontiac, Saturn, Chrysler (or one of its divisions) or Ford (not sure if Mazda made any cars for their Lincoln-Mercury division) badging.

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  • What causes soggy nose blowing?

    People talk about blowing their nose and at times say stuff about it being soggy. Why is this the case?

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  • How many NASCAR drivers have curly hair?

    I once read a story that said Dale Earnhardt, Jr. would have curls if he let his hair grow long enough to show it. Elliott Sadler's another driver that has curly hair if he lets it show. Someone called him Curly in a NASCAR blog. Have you guys ever seen heard anything anywhere that indicates another driver could have curly hair?

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  • Which driver is worse?

    Driver A wrecks a lot. Driver B's cleaner (less wrecks) but is really slow. Which one would you guys say is a worse NASCAR driver?

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  • What's the saddest thing that happen to a race fan's favorite driver?

    Is it sadder if the driver dies or is alive and can't race? My favorite driver has MS and there's that F1 driver with a bad head injury. Many racers have died over the years, Dale Earnhardt and Dan Wheldon come to my mind. I know some of these are NASCAR and others are open wheel, but I follow all these series to some degree.

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  • Is this the case?

    My mom thinks car racers are hyperactive. In addition, I read a NASCAR fanfic about Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. and Trevor Bayne. The story's from Ricky's point of view and when he visits a veteran's hospital, he uses his need to go potty as an excuse to leave the room of a veteran he visited. He used the hospital bathroom rather than the veteran's private one to not intrude on his space and besides he wanted to leave the room. " I was starting to climb the walls. Hyper activity was the bane of all racecar drivers and I was no exception to that.", the story says. Someone said "They rarely sit still." I read it, though rare, hyperactive without attention issues is possible. Do you guys think my mom could be right?

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  • How do you guys feel about this?

    Trevor Bayne said he was diagnosed with MS back in June and has no symptoms right now. Exercise is supposed to help people with MS, I've read. Maybe that's why he's asymptomatic. He says he can still race, at least right now.

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  • Who do you guys think will the Nationwide championship?

    Austin Dillon, Sam Hornish Jr., Regan Smith, Justin Allgaier, Elliot Sadler and Trevor Bayne are the top six in the Nationwide points. The ones behind these six are mathematically eliminated, out the rest of this year or would need to leap frog over two cars every race. Dillon is 8 points ahead of Hornish, 52 ahead of Smith, 70 ahead of Allgaier, 78 ahead of Sadler and 91 ahead of Bayne. Of the top 2, I'd prefer Dillon. I realize the ones Smith back would need to have good results and poor finishes by the ones ahead and are considered long shots due to this.

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  • What are you guys' thoughts on this?

    Roush said he wants to move Chris Buescher to the Cup if he can find someone to sponsor him. What does everyone think of this and what does the community think will result from this?

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  • Which of these drivers would be Napa's best choice?

    I followed a link to an article on about where Napa could go after MWR. The five possibilities were Trevor Bayne in the 6, Austin Dillon in the 3, David Ragan in the 34, Jr. in the 88 or Sam Hornish, Jr. in the 12. Which one would guys think most worthy?

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  • Which young driver without a full-time Cup ride has the best chance of sucess in the Cup in a full-time ride? says "NASCAR stars getting older." Some talented young drivers have never run in Cup or have only run part-time. Of these drivers which one do you guys think has best of dominance or ability to challenge the old if able to pick up a full-time Cup ride?

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  • Where do you guys think Ryan Newman will go?

    Newman will be replaced by Kevin Harvick, as Tony Stewart decided his team can't handle 4 cars now. Richard Childress and Jack Roush could both expand back to 4 cars. I'd rather see him go to Childress, as Roush has, in addition to his 3 full-time Cup drivers, 2 full-time and 2 part-time Nationwide drivers, and loans one of his Nationwide drivers (T-Bayne) to the Wood Brothers, to give him some Cup drive time. This says to me he has his hands full already. In light of this, I hope Newman goes somewhere other than Roush. Penske also may expand and could ask Newman to come back. He's on a Chevy team and Childress is a Chevy team, too. The other teams are Ford teams. I think he'd go to Childress over Roush, due to the Ford thing. What team do you guys think Newman will go to if Childress and any or all of the others I mentioned that could expand offer him a ride or does the community think it'll be whoever can give the best deal?

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  • What makes a driver vanilla?

    NASCAR fans and even a reporter on have said Jimmie Johnson is vanilla. The article said vanilla might mean too nice and Johnson started to use "a little profanity". I guess it bothers him. I think it means robotic (shows no personality or emotion). What do you guys think makes a driver vanilla and what one(s) if any are this way?

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  • Has anyone here ever cried over NASCAR related stuff?

    I've seen where people have cried when a favorite driver died or missed race(s). Sometimes, people have been emotional over some race, like the 2011 Daytona 500 or what a driver said. I've been touched over stuff a driver has said and I cried a little when one of my favorite drivers was in the hospital and couldn't race.

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  • When do you guys think we'll see the first NASCAR Cup champion born in the '90's?

    And who does everyone think it'll be? Brad Keselowski was the first Cup champion born in the '80's. And this has made me think about the next step. The drivers born in the '90's have started to come to the Cup in past few years, which also helps bring this to mind. I know, since these drivers are still pretty young (23 at the oldest), it could be a few years away but how long does the community think it'll be? It's ok to explain the reasons behind thoughts but don't just knock specific drivers.

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  • Do you guys think the Roush Nationwide 6 team can win the championship this year?

    Or is it too early in the season to say? Driver's Nationwide performance looks like this. Part-time in his first Nationwide season 2009 (15 races), he had a pole, 34 laps led and 2 top 10's, 7th was his best finish, I thnk. Full-time season in 2010 and led 99 laps, scored three consecutive poles, 11 top-10's, 6 top-5's and his best finish was 3rd. He was 7th in points overall (2nd best Nationwide regular) Ran all but 5 races in 2011(:(sick), 5th in points, 4 points back (as there was a lead share) before he got sick, 14 top-10's, 6 top-5's, got his first win in the series, led 114 laps, no poles but he was on the outside pole a few times, 11th in points, highest of all Nationwide regulars not in every race and second best average finish among Nationwide regulars. Ran 6 races last year ,4th in points after the first 5 races but only ran once more due to sponsor woes, 3 top-10's, 1 top-5, 74 laps led and one pole. This year, one pole and 1 top-5, which is his 1 top-10 as well, currently in 11th, tied in points with 10th place Alex Bowman. Career totals are 1 win, 13 top 5's, 31 top-10's, 6 poles and 324 laps led with 56 lead lap finishes over 87 races. This came from Keep Cup drivers' Nationwide presence in mind, as this affects the stats, I'm sure. Hope this helps. I can't rule out the possibility as he's a good driver (his team said so in October 2011 and plenty of other folks have too) but he needs more Phoenix types runs and to run every Nationwide race. I'm gotta admit I'm totally biased as this is my Nationwide driver.

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