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  • Please help me with a Western movie!!!?

    A USA movie I assume,kind of like a superhero movie, but the leading actress has no superpower, and she is very good at fight. Her job seems like a model, a friend of she is a young girl with one eye problem, but fear to do the surgery, so wearing a eye  patch. Her boy friend is a cop. She leaves a 'blue X Mark' in the place every time after she punish the bad guys, so press call her 'X woman'. The last fight is she found that the villainess is actually her friend, and finally fall down from the roof of a tall building after they had a big fight. the final scene is her eye-patch friend find her fighting outfit, and tell her, she is ready to take the surgery, and she wants to wear this outfit for dinner.

    Thank you!

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  • Please help me with a Western movie!!!?

    The movie is about a trial, about in 80-90s;

    The Defendant, a navy officer’s wife, shot a young good looking man, defend by self defense, the real leading actor and actress are her lawyers. the Defendant tells that she knows the young man, and he sneak into her home to ripe her, after her husband went to work, at last she shot him to death. at last her story bought by the judge and jury and free to go.

    But, her lawyer imagined the real story: the young man sneak into her home after her husband went to work, because he is her lover, then she and him have their happy time on the bed (no sex yet). The navy officer saw him in the rearview mirror then came back caught their affair, shot the young man with anger. The Defendant try to save her family, then made up the story.

    I watched this movie on Chinese TV, Thank you!!!

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  • Please help me with a American movie!!!?

    It seems a TV movie with 2 parts. The story is in Colonial time of USA.

    Part 1 is happened in England, the leading actress, I remember her name is Marry, dose not has a good life in London, sometimes seduce man on the street for living. There is a noble Lady,who is the vileness in the movie, somehow pissed off by Marry, and has to do bad thing to Marry. Then, Marry was in a trial seems about her conduct on the street. That noble Lady then went to the judge do the seduction,’I help you, you help me’, to push Marry further down. Finally, Marry was sentence to be banished to the Colonial North America. On the other hand, that noble Lady was sent to North America too with her children.(I forgot the reason)

    Part 2 is in Colonial North America, noble Lady and her children sent to living in a local family for housekeeping, she performed the seduction again to the master of the family, ‘I help you, you help me’, become his mistress and has her position in the house. Marry then start to work with her own hands with local people make life better and better. Noble Lady and Marry then have their fight in the new continent in the entire Part 2. Of course, at last, Marry won and has her name in North America.

    I watch this movie in Chinese TV, that’s all I can remember. Thank you!

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  • Please help me with a western movie!!!?

    There is a film, USA, kind of like 1980s-90s, the story is seems that, two funny guys and one big guy get on a ship or warcraft, and the bad boss on the ship is plan to launch a missile to hit a rocket that carrying a new Satellite, to mess the world’s data from it, since the missile is carrying a kind of program. at the moment the missile launches, two funny guys were messing around in the control room, made the missile miss the target. then, a bad girl, the bodyguard (slim, high heel boots, and has a relationship with their leading Scientist) , lead her team to fight. there is a dual on the deck, and two funny guys out of the game quickly. but the big guy beat the bad girl easily, and cause their internal conflict, and bad people all get caught. the final sence is that bad girl has a intense straggle in the police station. I watched this on the Chinese TV,Thank you!

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