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  • How long does it take for auto loans to be approved at a dealership?

    I am going in tomorrow to buy a used car. I have an ok credit score for a college student (725) and make all my payments on time. I've held my current job for almost a year (I have paystubs to prove it) and I live with my parents so no rent.

    I'm worried about the stories I hear that people sign the contracts and drive off with their car, only to return it a week later and be thrown in jail because the loan through the dealer wasn't approved.

    It's my first time buying a car and I don't want it to be a nervous one!

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  • ice cream with a new tongue piercing?

    I had no idea that you're not supposed to eat ice cream after having your tongue pierced for a few days. But I've read that you're not supposed to because you can get an infection? So my question is, would it be okay to eat ice cream if you used mouth wash after?

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  • Why would some people oppose railroads as a new form of transportation in the 1800s?

    Why would they oppose new forms of transportation in general?

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  • Why does my boyfriend masturbate beside me while I'm sleeping?

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 and a half years now. I have always been a little more into sex than him. Which means, I am the one who always asks and wants, and he never seems to ask for it anymore.

    The only times where he initiates it is about an hour or so after we go to bed some nights, he will wake me up by putting my hand on his penis. I jump at it, because ill take anything I can get. Unfortunately, he has recently told me he has problems being attracted to me... And he doesn't know whether he sees me more as a friend or whether he is just going through a phase or something.

    About six months ago... There were 2 incidents in 1 week where I woke up in the morning to him masturbating... The first i woke up shocked... The second time I pretended to sleep and caught him again. He had said he was just "getting himself ready" and that he was just about to wake me up.... I called bullshit on that one.... And he finally came clean that he had no plans to do so.

    Last night, he had gone to bed, and I sat up beside him on the computer. He had rolled over beside me on his back and began stroking his penis through his boxers... When i looked back again, he had it pulled out and was masturbating. I pushed the covers down to get a better look (I was shocked) and then he had rolled back over and went to sleep. I knew he was in the mood, and so I thought it would be a usual night where he wakes me up to do things.

    So I quickly finished up on the computer and go to bed. I lay there facing him, pretending to sleep, waiting for awhile... And the next thing I know, the bed is vibrating. I instantly get up and ask him what he is doing, and why he wouldn't just wake me up and ask me to do it for him. He says that he is super tired and didn't feel like getting me up.

    But wouldn't it take more energy to do it for yourself rather than to have someone do it for you?

    I thought this had passed after I had seen no more evidence of it, but now I feel like I have to sleep with one eye open. Has it just carried on all this time? I'm a pretty heavy sleeper.

    I have no problem with masturbation, everyone has a right to do it. I have simply asked him to never do it beside me. It doesn't make sense why you would want to masturbate when your girlfriend is right there beside you and is more than willing to do anything for you.

    What's going on here? Is there a physiological problem or what?

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  • What factors went into the decision to drop the bomb?

    and how valid are these reasons?

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  • is spiderwire from walmart a good fishing line?

    im new to fishing and read that the braid seems to be a better fishing line and pretty walmart they have spiderwire(braid) doesnt state a tess i said im new so this is prob a stupid question but my rod only supports 10lb tess i the spider wire good

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