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  • How can I know how far along I am if I don't remember my LMP?

    Today April 4 I took a pregnancy test because On th app I have downloaded to keep track of my period it says 2 days period overdue. I actually don't remember my last period or if I actually got my period on March I just remember that I got it February 25-March 2. Is there anyways beside getting an ultrasound I can know? Help!?

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  • It hurts to walk I have a lump on my vagina, please help?

    Please don't be rude and yes I was thinking of going to the doctor but I'm scared/embarrassed you see 4 days ago I got 2 bumps on my vagina(the outside) the bottom one doesn't hurt but the one at the very top hurts so much when I touch it or walk and I've noticed it got a little bigger and have these black dot or whatever on it I have read so much so stuff online help please ?! I'm very scared.

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  • Is lower back pain (early pregnancy) a sign of miscarriage?

    Hello I'm 22 and I am 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant lately this whole week I've been feeling a lot of stomach and lower back pain every morning could this be a sign of a miscarriage?

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  • Can you use the RU 486 alone?

    My friend took a pregnancy test positive 3+ weeks my question is can you take the RU 486 alone or does she need to take another pill or just that one? She ordered the RU486 online (but is only one)

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  • RU486 pill help?!!?

    First of all please no negative comment!

    Okay so my friend took a pregnancy test and it was positive 3+ weeks ! And she is in a very bad situation right now plus she already has (3 kids) so She ordered online the (RU 486) strength 200mg and only comes 1 pill is that the only pill she will need to take??? Because I read a lot about it online and some girls say they took more than one?? Help please?!

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  • Will plan b still work for me??

    Hi I'm 21 years old and I am on birth control (NuvaRing) but removed it (July 2, 2015) 7day break got my period July 10 until the 12 and I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend July 18 and today July 20, 2015 I took plan b will it still work for me? 😓

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  • Could I be pregnant??!?

    I had sex yesterday July 17, 2015 and he ejacuated inside of me. I am on NuvaRing but took it out June 3 and got my period July 7 until the 12 could I get pregnant or should I take the plan b pill?

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  • He says he loves me and unfriend me from fb?

    So theres this guy I met on facebook and I kinda knew him because he was friends with my sister and well we started seeing each other and I really like him and he tells me he likes me too I'm 21 and he's 30 he used to tell me cute/sweet things and than he started changing and recently he started to me how he was before like sweet and stuff I asked him if he liked someone else but he said no that he loved me. On February 14th it was my birthday he was the first one to say happy birthday to me😊 and we had a good conversation that day than the next day he deativated his fb than a day later I went to his profile and noticed he had unfriend me and than today he msged me on whatsapp "hey" and 2 hours later I msged him back "hello" and he just read it it and didn't reply back and I don't want to be asking and bothering him you know i'm not that type of girl but I also don't want him to think I don't care also I deactivated my fb I don't know what to do just wait and see if he msg me back? Please help??! Also I think its kinda childish for him to unfriend me like that without saying why idk ...💔

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  • Attachment image

    Omg please help what color of hair is this?!!!😍?

    Okay so I've been wating to dye my hair since a long time ago now and today is my birthday😊 and my boyfriend said he would take me to a salon to dye my hair and I've seen a few images on google and I absolutely LOVE this hair color but I don't know what color is it?? Like what color do I tell the lady I want to dye it?? Thank you😘

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  • ¿Es normal que me arda mi clítoris?

    Hola bueno hoy estuve con mi novio y no me mojo nada mas asi lo hicimos y me agaro fuerte y despues cuando termino me fui a lavar y no aguante me ardia mucho mi clítoris pero ya se me quito no se porque sera es normal?? Oh podria tener algo?? Nunca me avia pasado solo dos veces ya con mi novio..

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  • ¿Porfavor me siento que me quiero morir ayuda porfavor?

    Hola tengo 20 años tengo dos nenes mi hermana es mayor que yo y hoy me mando un mensaje hoy diciéndome cosas bien oribles me dijo que a mi nadie me amaba ni mi mama ni ella y que se avergonzaba que yo llevara la sangre de ella me dijo todo esto porque alguien hico un facebook de ella diciendo que el hijo que espera es de otro hombre y no de su marido no se como ella piensa que soy yo y yo le dije eso pero me blockeo y le conte a mi mama y ni atencion me puso y yo se que ella a mi no me ama siempre con sus amigas habla bien de mi hermana y de yo no cuando alguien dice cosas de mi no me defiende mejor se pone hablar de mi y con mi hermana uff la sube a un altar. Me quiero morir me quiero matar no le veo sentido a mi vida pero de que tengo dos angelitos que me aman que son mis hijos y dios pero no puedo dejar de sentirme tan deprimida 💔);

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  • ¿Dedicar tenerte de luis coronel ? 🙊?

    Chicos que piensan dedicar esta cancion a mi novio "tenerte" de luis coronel ???🙊

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  • ¿El se acostado con mi hermana ..pero yo LO AMO! 💔😞?

    Hola tengo 20 años verán en el mes de noviembre conocí a un chico el tiene 30 años y tiene dos nenes el se dejo con su mujer hace mucho y comensemos hablar por fb despues de un tiempo decidimos conocernos en persona fuimos a un parke el comenso a decirme lo bonita que yo estaba y etc yo pues muy contenta PERO la cosa esque yo antes de conocerlo sabia que el tenia algo con mi hermana osea ella tiene su marido pero le ponia los cuernos supuestamente con el y yo le dije despues de un tiempo de hablar el me lo negó y me dijo que era su primo quien andaba con ella pasaron los dias nos volvimos aver el primero de noviembre el me robo un beso me habrazo y yo le dije que eso no podia ser pero esque es tan lindo y cariñoso lo quiero mucho me dice cosas hermosas pero se que aveces eso le dicen los hombre a las mujeres nada mas para acostarse con ellas bueno pasaron los dias y una vez casi hicimos el amor pero yo le dije que no que si lo hacíamos el luego iva dejar de hablarme y el me dijo "estabien princesa cuando tu quieras como crees yo jamas amor al contrario mas quisiera estar contigo" pasaron los dias y me seguía diciendo cosas bonitas y un dia me confeso que si se acosto con mi hermana 😢 yo me enamore de el y me hermana se dio cuenta y comenso hacer problemas y no me juzguen pues hice el amor con el sabiendo esto le dije que ya no hablaríamos de lo que paso entre ellos y hasta el dia de hoy continuamos juntos algo personal me dice que la tengo apretadita como nadie que con ninguna mujer avia sentido como conmigo me dice que me ama me escribe canciones cuando nos vemos me abraza fuerte me carga me besa me dice que me extraña se que pensar? Que piensan ud? Aveces me arrepiento de averme acostado con el sabiendo que estuvo con ella pero esque lo amo❤️😢

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  • I drove my boyfriends car and got into an accident?

    I had an accident recently I borrowed my boyfriends truck and today I got a letter from the insurance saying "our records reflect that our insured vehicle was being driven by you and you are not listed on out insured policy on the date of the loss for the above reason, handling of this claim is being conducted under reservation rights."

    This means they are not going to pay any damaged right?? Will I have to pay for the other car damaged as well? I don't have insurance i don't have a car thats why I was driving his what will happend? I am really worried 😰 help?? !

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  • This time when should I put NuvaRing in?

    So December was my first month using NuvaRing I got my period the 5th till the 10th and inserted at 8am than I took it out the 26th of December got my period again the 28th till the January 2 and now its the 12 and I am supposed to get the NuvaRing today or tomorrow when should I inserted and at what time???? Please help!

    Also I would have gotten it soon but the doctor just called me today to go pick it up today or tomorrow morning.

    Thank you.

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  • ¿Me quite el anillo vaginal podria estar embarazada?

    Hola porfavor espero respondan mi pregunta! 😥 veran estuve usando el anillo vaginal NuvaRing y el 26 de December me lo quite ese mes tuve mi periodo del 5 hasta el 10 luego cuando me quite el anillo vaginal me vino de nuevo del 28 de diciembre hasta el 2 de enero y tuve relaciones con mi novio el 9 de enero y tome la pastilla plan b (píldora de el día siguiente) el 10 de enero osea un dia despues de aver tenido relaciones podria estar embarazada?

    Otra cosa le dije a el que, que pasaria si estuviera embarazada de el ..y el en lugar de responderme me sale con otra pregunta😁😒 que, que quiero una cosa que no quiero estar embarazada y que jamas vuelvo a tener algo con el y mejor ya no hablare con el porque otro me uviera dicho que me apoyaba oh algo asi.. Que creen ud? Porfavor respondan mi pregunta 😓😢 estoy algo procupada!


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  • Could I be pregnant please help?!?

    Okay so I was using the NuvaRing removed it December got my period December 28 till the 2nd of January and I had sex with my boyfriend unprotected sex the 9th of January took the plan b pill the 10th could I be pregnant or no? When could I take a pregnancy test to see if the pill worked ??😓

    Thank you!!

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  • Please Please help !!? NuvaRing question??!?

    So I got NuvaRing in the 5th of December at 8am and my period lasted until the 10th I took it out the 26th at 1:22pm I forgot I was supposed to take it out at the same day and time. I was supposed to get the Nuvaring back the 2nd of January but I didn't when I go to the clinic to get it when am I supposed to put it the same day I get it ? And the time??? Please help I'm confused !

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  • What should get? Please help ASAP?

    Hello I'm 20 years old and for a weeks now my teeth has been hurting really bad! I went to the dentist today thinking it was my wisdom teeth and it wasn't my 2nd molar he gave me three options ..

    1.Porcelain fused metal crown $799.00

    2. Core buildup, including any pins $139.99

    3. Extraction, erupted tooth $150.00

    Can someone help I don't know what to do what to choose ?

    And it hurts a lot!! 😢

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