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hi, im Ernesto.

  • Can I use credit score in another country?

    I want to buy a new car in Mexico but I only have a built credit in the USA, is there I way I can get financed?

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  • Should I disconnect my car’s battery?

    I’ll be out of town for two weeks and I don’t now if my car’s battery would hold that long. It’s a 2007 vehicle with semi new battery.

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  • Why my iPhones keep resetting when charging?

    I have a iPhone 8 Plus and 11 pro max and both seems to self restart when using wireless or cable charging, is this good or bad and how do I fix it?


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  • How much money will I get on car accident settlement?

    I was involved in a car wreck with the other party 100% at fault no injuries but my car was affected to the point it will cost more the repair than the car’s value which cost less that 1k.

    Is there a way to estimate how much will I get for my car in value as total lost? 

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  • Will my car’s battery die if I do this?

    I have a 07 Mazda 6 and I’m going to leave it on the airport’s parking for two weeks, will the battery die because of no use?

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  • Do throttle body normally make noise?

    I have a 2007 Mazda 6 with 150k miles.

    It gives  me a code P0506 Idle control system rpm lower than expected.

    My car has a electronic throttle body and it makes a buzzing noise for a few seconds after the engine is shut down. Also when I let go the gas pedal while driving it feels a heavy pull back.

    What should I check first and potentially replace? Thanks.

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  • Do I have to return unemployment money in this case?

    In April I was temporarily laid off (furlough) but I got called back now, during that time I applied and received unemployment benefits it’s been a months since I stop claiming tho. If I decide to quick my job now do I have to return the money I received from unemployment a month ago?

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  • Can I flight out to Mexico?

    Can I flight out to Mexico from the USA or are all flights restricted because of the COVID-19 still? 

    Trying to go from DFW-GDL 


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  • Claiming unemployment while full time job?

    32 hours a week is full time in my state, I made 35 this week so I know I won’t get anymore money out of unemployment but do I still have to report it by filling the weekly claim?

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  • Can I claim PUA while working Parral time?

    Sorry to ask this question here but I couldn’t find the answer elsewhere.

    If I’m receiving the $600 every week but start a job working less than 32 hours per week or part time do I still qualify for it? 

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  • Can I claim this unemployment?

    Can I collect one last check from unemployment the same week I get hire back for work?

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  • Can I keep this unemployment money?

    I received my first unemployment money this week but I also got from my employer they about to re open and I can go back to work on Friday next week, do I still get to keep this week’s money and can I still receive another check next week since I work until Friday? 

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  • Best season to visit Miami Beach?

    People who lives in Florida, what the best time of the year to have nice weather around the beaches? Asking for travel advice. Thanks

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  • My car won’t start ?

    I have a 2007 Mazda 6 150k miles.

    This morning the car didn’t want to start, no crank the dashboard gauges were going crazy even without the key on it, I could hear a click noise coming from inside the dashboard . After a few minutes it started normally, it has a new battery and good charging.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Is it dangerous to drive a car with bad suspensions or struts?

    I went to the shop and they told me my car need new struts since it makes loud noises when it hits a bump but the cost is over the thousands so I need time to get the money but in the time he is it life threatening to drive it like that?

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  • Bloody anime series recommendations?

    So far I’ve watched “Elfen lied” and “ another”

    Any recommendations in similar anime series?

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  • My credit score went up after a hard pull?

    I applied for a auto loan expecting that would lower my score by a few points, after a checked my weekly score updates it actually went up by 9 points. Is this usual or something bad going to happen?

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  • Is 3.85 a good interest rate?

    I went to my bank to apply for a auto loan and after reviewing my application they told me I qualified with 3.85 interest rate for 66 months.

    Is that a good number?

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  • Chances of getting pre approved for auto loan?

    I’m not a auto loan expert so I’m asking for help before going to the bank personally.

    -Right now my FICO score is 799

    - I have three credit lines ( no late payments ever)

    - my income is 1700 before taxes every month

    - I can make a 2000 down payment.

    I do t want to buy a junk car so I’m looking for a pre owned with 20,000 miles average.

    Is there any hope to hear the word you approved or other wise I’ll stick to my bicycle.

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  • Are KIA and Buick vehicles reliable?

    KIA vehicles normally are priced bellow what normally most cars are and I'm not sure why, on the other hand I almost never see a Buick on the streets and I'm not sure why.

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