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  • Should Al Jolson have his monument in Los Angeles removed?

    Why is it that Hollywood celebrities get a special dispensation from the radical democrats in Hollywood?  Jolson was obviously racist and most famous for mimicking blacks while doing blackface.  You can't even see his films anymore because the race censures have had them destroyed.  But, he has a monument.  Should it come down?

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  • So, do you think the republican rinos will reveal themselves and vote against Trump's selection to replace Ginsberg?

    So, It looks like Trump will get to nominate a replacement for Ginsberg.   And the republican Senate is sort of obligated to vote on it before the election.  A bit of a hurry, but it can be done.   But, what about the republican rinos?  Guys like Romney.  They can't let the Supreme Court go conservative.  So, will they vote against Trump's nomination before the election?  Only 3 or 4 could sink the nomination until after the election and give it to Biden.  What will the Romney and the rinos do?

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  • Is the democrat strategy for the presidential election to hide Joe Biden?

    By hiding Joe, Trump has less to talk about. About all Trump can say is Joe is hiding again and the democrats are lying to you, which everyone knows already.   So Joe won't campaign and that way doesn't have to say anything about the radical democrat platform or what wonders the democrats have in store for you.  Like more taxes, regulations, confiscations and a general screwing because you have still not learned to never vote for the democrats.  So, Biden isn't giving Trump any ammunition.  But is that a winning strategy?   Having Harris come out once per week and cackle a laugh at how the democrats intend to ruin the schools so that it will then be fair to all the kids does not seem to be a good way fool the voters one more time.  One would think that the democrats could hire an actor and hide him behind the mask and hide Joe in the basement and have a better candidate. May be they could get actor Alec Baldwin.  He has always wanted to be President.

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  • Do you think Joe Biden is getting a shot of a performance enhancement drug?

    Sometimes Joe seems to be OK, but then suddenly drops the act and goes senile.  It tends to make one wonder if he is getting a shot of a performance enhancement drug that causes him to perk up a bit. And why he stays in his basement for several days, then comes out, gives a quick speech, and then runs back into his basement. May be it is a drug like what they have banned on race horses and home run hitters in baseball.  But there is no such ban for politicians, or musicians.  Do you know what drug they are giving Biden?  Do you think it would help if Biden carried a guitar and frizzled his hair?  

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  • If Biden was a leftover, what leftover do you think he would be?

    Refrigerator leftovers.  Sometimes it is a joy to find, like a slice of pizza, and sometimes it is only a little better than throwing away, like a couple of brussel sprouts.    And, considering Joe Biden is the most senior and only remaining old style democrat left, he is definitely a leftover of the democrat party.  So, the question is, if Joe was a refrigerator leftover, which one would he be?  Nancy's $20 per pint ice cream or the mushy fig?

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  • If Biden was a leftover, what leftover do you think he would be?

    Refrigerator leftovers.  Sometimes it is a joy to find, like a slice of pizza, and sometimes it is only a little better than throwing away, like a couple of brussel sprouts.    And, considering Joe Biden is the most senior and only remaining old style democrat left, he is definitely a leftover of the democrat party.  So, the question is, if Joe was a refrigerator leftover, which one would he be?  Nancy's $20 per pint ice cream or the mushy fig?

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  • Have you noticed that Kamala is in the basement, too?

    Have you noticed that Kamala makes no more appearances than Joe and takes no questions, just like Joe?  That is because the vice presidential candidate cannot outshine the presidential candidate.  And Joe is dull, no shine at all.   And, if she was asked a hard question, her answer would probably conflict with Biden, and Biden is in no condition to handle a hard question or explain anything.   All Biden does is read what is prepared, and although his recent statement conflicts with the statement he made 2 days previously, the news media never questions it.   Which is probably because Joe does not know he has changed positions.  Like Joe was for all of the rioting, burning and looting until the democrats took a poll and discovered that was not popular with the voters.  Now he is against it.  And, so you have Kamala who can't get away fast enough to avoid answering a question. This democrat campaign will have to go down as the most disorganized, incapable bunch in US election history.  

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  • If the Washington DC radical democrats want to change the names of the monuments, what is a good, new name for Washington DC?

    The first thing that pops into your properly trained mind should be Obamaville.  Or Blackberg.  Or Democrat City.  What do you think of changing all of the names to something new and forgetting the past?  Think of all the people you can get rid of and never know about. Get an automatic A in new history because there is nothing back to study.  How about bulldozing all of the graveyards and building re-education schools on them?

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  • Do you think that all of this looting, burning and killing is just real live video games?

    Could it be that the radical democrats are just avid gamers who got out of the basement? And they are just enacting video games? That Antifa is just a bunch of cosplay performers and that is why the democrat mayors would not stop them.  It was performance art? So, the question is do you think video games have had an effect on the susceptible and it has resulted in the extensive destruction to the cities. 

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  • If Biden did win the election, what happens?  What are the major events you would expect during the next 4 years?

    Like, do you think the stock market will collapse?  Do you think there will be a war between Biden and the radical democrats?  Will AOC take control of the House and be so bad that you will think fondly of Nancy Pelosi?  If Biden dies shortly after becoming President, will he get the big Presidential funeral?  Do you think there will actually be a looting shooting war in some cities.   Will Biden back the looters or switch sides?   And do you have any GOOD prediction if Biden is elected?  Why?

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  • Why didn't we have "wide spread safety" to prevent Covid-19?

    Biden is giving speeches, trying to be relevant in the presidential race.  But, have you listened to what he is saying. It is gobbledygook nonsense.  For example, Biden just said he would have implemented "wide spread safety" to prevent the disease from spreading.  And now Biden is crying because of the fake comment from the anonymous sources in the defunct magazine. So, the question is that isn't that signs of desperation?

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  • How pervasive is the liberal concept of "the right to not be offended"?

    Because that is the fundamental basis of Joe Biden's campaign.  After listening to Biden's speech yesterday,  he is speaking out against his own campaign issues, contradicting his own democrats.  So, Biden is actually taking the same political position as Trump, if you believe him and not his surrogates. But, the overriding single issue with Biden is that he is not Trump.  Which boils down more simply to "OK, Trump is right, but I am not Trump."  And, that boils down to the democrat concept of the "right to not be offended".  And that applies to the thinking of the democrat voter.  That they would vote for Biden, even though Trump is right, because it is more important that they not admit that they are wrong.  They have the right to not be offended.  So do you think that will work as Biden's strategy?

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  • Want me to explain part of the problem?

    Let me float out my observation of a contributing factor in all of this riot situation.  The best example of it is Wheeler, the Portland mayor.  If you look at Wheeler, he is impressive and articulate and has the presentation/charisma of a quality leader. But, then he speaks, what he says is the most illogical, bias, unreasonable and flawed rationale.  If he is serious, he is either crazy or lying.  Both of which only make the problem worse and he has made it worse. My guess is that he never really thought that what he did could really cause a problem. That he could always assert his noble liberal ideals and there would be enough common sense in others to prevent things from going too crazy.   So, part of the problem is a democrat politician who looks good on the outside and is garbage on the inside.   You can also see the same thing in Biden.

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  • When do you think the wall street democrats will crash the stock market?

    OK, so the market has reached all time highs despite no economy due to coronavirus, and coronavirus recovery will not begin to show up until everyone gets a flu shot and there is an election in November.  The wall street crowd is essentially democrat because the democrats grease the elites and want Trump out. And the riots, lootings and burnings are getting old and the democrats need something else to affect voting.  So, do you think the next democrat debacle will be a massive drop in the stock market and if so when.  We  have about 10 weeks until the election, and the full discontent of a collapsed market would take at least 8 weeks to reach maximum.  So, that means the stock market will collapse within 2 weeks. Do you have an opinion on the stock market?

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  • How do you know that the democrat riots, looting, burning is over?

    How?  You should know that the democrats have decided to stop the riots, looting, burning, killing and so forth because they have changed plans.  Joe Biden has decided that he needs to campaign.   The democrats can't be rioting in the streets while their candidate is campaigning.  Too much association.  What you should watch for is whether Joe will go to the burned out areas and hold a rally/talk.  And, if he does, what will he say.   Like will Antifa show up and now act as his body guards?  Will Joe justify the riots?  My guess is that Joe will avoid the riots areas and not mention the riots in his speeches.  And his news media knows to not ask him a question about it.   

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  • Should the FBI wiretap Obama to see if he is the mastermind behind the Antifa riots?

    How can you have democrat organizations riot in  democrat cities and sponsored by the democrat local governments and it not be organized?  Organized by someone in the democrat party.  Someone with access to money to pay for the rioters.  Someone whose identity remains secret.  If you think about it, the most likely candidate for the mastermind behind these burned out cities is Barrack Obama. Fundamental change.  If so, do you think the FBI is wondering the same thing and would they be wiretapping Obama as a domestic terrorist?

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  • How much of Portland is destroyed?

    One of the things that is not in the news is the extent of the destruction in these cities where the riots, arson and looting are.  Take Portland for an example.  Is there anyone who can furnish information as to how extensive the destruction is.  And more important, what do the citizens of the town think about the destruction as if affects them.  And, what is it that created this genesis that evolved into this social disorder. This information is not in the news since it could affect the situation, but a knowledgeable opinion would seem to have value.  

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  • What is the best brand of home owner type AR-15 semi-automatic rifles?

    Well, we have been reluctant to buy an AR-15 rifle for all of these years, preferring the bigger caliber sport guns.  But, with the change in political climate, it appears that may be we need a rifle with a bigger clip and smaller caliber, i.e. an AR15 type rifle.  The internet has removed so much information that it is not really possible to get information and the people we know, we are not sure about the quality of their opinions.   So, we thought we would ask a real authority, the solid citizens of Y-answers.  So what is the best AR15 and what are some of the issues to look for in making a choice.  We talked to the dealer and he says that regardless, it will have to be ordered and there is a backlog.    

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  •  Is Kamala Harris that boring?

    It looks like Kamala Harris is toning down her speech so that she will not outshine Joe.  But, she is bad.  The most uninspiring, dull speech.  It really looks like the democrats know that they are going to lose and aren't even trying.  One speech and no one ever wants anything more to do with her.  Horrible choice for vice president.

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  • Will Biden start new wars?

    Biden has inadvertently created the potential for more wars.  And, he is too senile to do much about it, especially considering he created the problem.   The problem is that Biden's old boss is muslim and his vice president is Hindu.  So that increases the probability of a war between Pakistan and India.  Over Kashmir.  They will both be influencing Joe to help their side which will result in a shooting war.

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