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  • What's my injury?

    So I work outside and walk around a lot for my job. I'm also a runner, and I've been running about 40-45 mpw for a couple months now. Over the last couple days, I've had a ton of extra hours and hit about 30,000 steps per day. Starting last night, there's a sharp pain coming from the outside of my knee running halfway down my lower leg. It hurts most when I put all my weight on it, bending my knee barely hurts at all, no changes in ROM either. Thanks

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  • Which electric guitar should I buy?

    So I'm kinda new to guitar. I've been playing on my dad's old acoustic for about 3-4 months now, but the style of music I like is more rock and metal. I'm 19 years old, and on a budget, but I also want something I'll want to play, so what would be some more "entry-level" guitars you would recommend?

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  • Why don't my headphones work on my laptop?

    Just last night, I plugged my headphones into my laptop to find they won't play audio. I tried them with my phone, and they worked, so it isn't an issue with the headphones themselves. I also tried messing with the audio settings a bit, and it is all set up to be able to play. The audio plays when my headphones aren't plugged in, but just not through the jack. thanks!

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  • Weight Gainer During Marathon Training? ?

    So I'm 18 years old and training for my first marathon this spring. I also have a pretty high metabolism and not a huge appetite. I'm a college student and it's hard for me to eat much with my limited dining hall plan. As a result I have gone from 145lbs to 135 lbs in about two months. I've been running for years and never had this problem. I was thinking. weight gainer shakes would be a good way to add in extra calories so I don't continue to lose weight and can still continue building on my training program. 

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  • Would it be feasible to run a 50k in 6 months?

    I'm considering signing up for a trail 50k in late February. I'm 18 years old and I've been running competitively for about 6 years. I ran XC and did triathlons though high school with a 5k PR of 19:22. I've also run 6 half marathons, 2 of them on rough trails, and done a handful of 20 milers. This spring I ran two halves, one road in 1:30:36 and one trail with about 1700ft of gain in 2:03:07 (might also be worth mentioning that I ran that one in Saucony Kinvara's, which are racing flats). Right now I have a decent base, running about 30 miles per week with no issues whatsoever. I can currently run 10-12 miles on a whim and not be too sore that next day. I'm willing to put in the work and I know to be cautious, as injury risk does increase. The 50k I'm contemplating has around 4400ft of gain and is mostly on single and double track. Let me know your thoughts. (P.S. Please try to avoid comments like "you're too young" or "you should wait a few years". I've gotten that all my life and I know there's some risk involved, and I fully accept that.) Thanks!

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  • What should I eat during my marathon?

    Suggestions for specific products to try during long runs. I really don't like the idea of eating gels for the entire thing, I don't want my stomach to turn sour.

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  • What is a realistic marathon goal time for me?

    I've recently run a 5k in 19:22 on a relatively flat course. I've also run 3 half marathons, the fastest one in 1:36:02. My marathon is in late January and I plan on reaching about 50-60 miles during my peak weeks of training.

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