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  • Are animals already successful?

    As humans we drive to succeed.  Constantly, continuously trying to find success.  Animals dont, so, does that mean they already are successful??

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  • Would someone be so kind to make a 40 week half marathon training plan for me please?

    OK, so I just had the news that our local half marathon was cancelled due to COVID.  It has a new date though.  Sunday 4th July 2021.  That's 40 weeks and 2 days away.  I want to train so I can finish the race in great style, injury free, with a fast time.  Forgetting my current health and fitness status, starting from scratch, I have 40 weeks to train myself physically for the 13.1 race.  Can someone help, please?  Week by week

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  • Does exercise affect the amount of carbs you can eat on the keto diet? ?

    If so, how? What ratio - exercise : carbs can you do or not do, what's the score?

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  • Has anyone taken viagra before going for a run?

    I'm hearing good reviews for taking Viagra before long distance running because of its increasing blood flow properties, especially in the lungs.  I read articles about weight lifters, however, it seemed to suggest it was better for runners.  Has anyone here done it? How much did you take? Does it work?

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  • Which software allows someone to listen to their own music whilst an app runs along with it?

    My apologies for not being able to think how to ask this question first of all.  Let me explain.  I have a running app on my phone that allows me to listen to my music and as the intervals come in to slow down, speed up, walk, run etc, my music fades out and the audio of the app speaks over the music.  I can play all my own tunes whilst the running app is activated along side it.  What sort of software is that that makes that possible?

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  • If a book is written about me by an author, do I get royalties?

    I know the author will get royalties, so will the publishers, but will I as the book's about me?

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  • Which weight exercises will tighten neck and shape jaw?

    I'm losing weight, but my chin, neck, jaw, face dont seem to be slimming with the rest of me.  It really puts me off and really makes me want to give it all in.  My head is massive compared to my body and I hate it.  I've looked online and i'm doing the A, E, I, O, U exercises, but, it doesnt work.  Weights tighten the muscles in the body but what weight exercises can help shape the neck, jaw, and face?  I'm running alot, i'm weight lifting, but have this horrible problem and it keeps knocking my confidence.  My clothes are getting too big but my head is the same.  Any advice?

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  • How can a sing in the key of C, have a D and an Fm in?

    I'm so confused by music!!  I'm trying to learn the piano, but things keep trowing me off.  Like:  Half the world away by Oasis, is written in the key of C, but has D and F minor in it.  How?  Those chords are not in the key of C?!!!

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  • where else are my videos being played on the internet?

    OK, so i've got a bit of a problem with a hater.  I write YouTube videos and was doing quite well until one of my haters started posting my videos into his group which is against my views.  We had a heated argument and I told him I didnt want my videos in his group.  My content and my videos make his group.  They're the foundation of his group.  So, his way of winning the argument is to open a private group where thousands and thousands are members, he waits til I upload, then he downloads my videos and puts them in his private secret group.  I lose all revenue.  My viewing figures have dropped rapidly from 20k to 1k because everyone goes to his secret group.  

    The thing is I dont know where his secret group is.  He told me that's what he's doing and stuck it in my face by saying 'good luck with your views'.  

    Is there any way of finding where else my videos are being played on the internet??  Is there a site that can search for certain videos and tell me all the places they're being played?

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  • Is it dangerous to use out of date testosterone gel?

    I have some testosterone gel in a can but it's out of date. Can I use it? If not why not?

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  • Should I start running from low miles again after injury?

    So, I trained for our local half marathon that happened earlier this year.  I started running early last year with the couch to 5k app.  I built up and built up to running long distance and completed the half in Feb this year.  I timed 2 hours 5 mins. Very proud.  However, it wasnt without it's injuries.  I built up to running well over 13 miles and had been really pushing my limits.  the idea was to be able to run 18 miles easy, so the 13 miles would be a doddle.  It kind of worked but, my knees started going, had bad shin splints, 2 weeks rest didnt fix the problems, but, managed to do the race.  That race finished me off. My legs were really bad after.  

    This COVID has actually given me chance to relax, rest, heal, and essentially become pain free.  

    I have another half marathon in October and this time want to train properly without pushing it to overtraining levels.  Which is what the problem was last time.  I built up to 5k, then 4 and 5 miles, but one day I jumped to an all out run and did an 11 miler.  Tried to keep the longer distances up by running a minimum of 8, and kept building and building.  I got injured.

    Should I start from 2 miles, 3 times a week, increasing gradually, week by week? Or because I can run 13 miles, start at a higher mileage from the outset, pushing, but, stretching properly, integrating leg exercises at home, squats and extensions with weights?

    I havent ran since the beginning of April...

    I have 18 weeks until the race.. Thanks in advance

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  • What would happen if you bent a magnetic rod into a circle?

    So, we've got a 1 metre magnetic rod, north pole and south pole as normal.  Each end repels each other we know that, so what would happen if you bent a magnetic rod into a circle so both its ends are facing each other?  Would it spin?

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  • Isn't taking a knee 'for' George Floyd abit insensitive considering how he died?

    The whole Liverpool football team have been photographed 'taking a knee' for George... Police officers and protesters are taking a knee... I mean come on... That's not quite the right thing to do no??

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  • Will black lives matter after this?

    I dont think so, what do you think?

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  • How long have Jehovah's witnesses been around?

    I'm hoping for answers that will inform people in the future of the truth, please.

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  • What does religion say about having tattoos?

    I personally dont like certain tattoos.  Death, skulls, crucifixes, devils, monsters, horror... But some I do like celtic bands, bonsai trees, warriors and things like that... I have no tattoos at the moment and trying to please God.  What does religion say about having tatts?

  • What does religion say about having tattoos?

    I personally dont like certain tattoos.  Death, skulls, crucifixes, devils, monsters, horror... But some I do like celtic bands, bonsai trees, warriors and things like that... I have no tattoos at the moment and trying to please God.  What does religion say about having tatts?

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  • In music, if you're playing various instruments in a piece of music, do you all play the different notes of the same chord?

    I'm struggling to find a way top explain what I mean.  I'm learning piano, should I play the same chords with both hands... OR the notes that make up the same chord?  So, if a piece goes C, G, F, Am and I want 5 instruments in the piece... Do we all play C together, FOR EXAMPLE: some playing one note of that chord, another playing another note, one playing an octave higher, another playing 2 notes on the bass, then move to G together... does that make any sense?  You cant play C chord and G chord together can you?  

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  • What's the best religion to study in the UK as a Christian?

    I want my own personal relationship with God.  I have trouble with groups and strict rules.  I need to be free to say and do how I feel, but, have faith.  Is it just the normal church.  The trouble is, I used to study with Jehovahs witnesses, but, I just dont understand or believe alot of it.  Somethings however, i do. For example, it's true that the true original scriptures doesnt mention Jesus dying on a cross.  It says he died on a starvos, or stake.  Google it.  And so that causes a problem in church doesnt it, because of the crusifix... What other religions or faiths are there that are nice and open to communicate with God?  Is it my own personal search that I need to do?

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